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Quote: Originally Posted by LPatterson Eagerly anticipating your pics. +1 Absolutely gorgeous!
meaurements on EG posted! New items added: Balenciaga varsity jacket and Boo blue workshirt! Price drops!!!!
price drop on most items! take these away!!!
most of the thread is revised, lots of new additions! buy it all!!
new items added! More to come! Raf x fred shirt sold, rokin pending.
Michael BAstian SOLD, price drop on fred x raf shirt. Engineered garments CPO shirt jacket size S, RJB 6BSPBK S29, cheap monday blue tight one wash sz 31 and more to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 No chance of narrow widths? they look awesome!! would u do suede or canvas too? definitely interested in getting a pair
Quote: Originally Posted by Kill_switch Measurements on the 19cm? Waist: 15" flat Hem: ~17cm pm if interested! ps:measurements for the raf x fp shirt added too!
price drop! excellent suit, someone cop this!
certainly interested too!
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