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hey guys, interested in getting my first pair of epaulet rivet chinos, whats everyone experience with them? how would you compare them to wings+horns, unis or vanishing elepants chinos? thanks!
anyone have experience with unis gio chinos? the quality and fit cant really seem to justify the high price
Rjb jeans price drop to 170!
black friday special, extra $10 off everything, today only!!
price drop on boo 110>100 its going up ebay if no one takes it soon diors sold!
Diors indigo raw mij sz28 Bought this off altemp, the fades on this thing is sick, dunnoe how he did it. Really wanted to keep this but its a bit too tight for me, so im gonna pass it on. 230>215 shipped CONUS, shipping is really expensive from singapore, please understand. will gladly lower the price for anyone in asia, save me on shipping. diors: waist: 15.5 inseam: 36 hem: 6.45 thigh: 10 knee: 7.9 front rise: 8.8 measurements are not very precise,...
edited thread, removed items, price drops on eg cpo shirt and RJB jeans! balenciaga jacket SOLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Quote: Originally Posted by PaperTiger For sale: FS: John Varatos Handmade Suede Slip-on Sz. 9.5. Gently worn twice. Can pass for new. Sold C&J Wembly's to "Bram". Here is the feedback: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...84#post3291684 Please email me at SamuelxD@Gmail.com Thanks! is there a price?
Quote: Originally Posted by LPatterson Eagerly anticipating your pics. +1 Absolutely gorgeous!
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