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A rapid change in humidity will cause the wrappers to crack. The only time it's a problem is if there is too much moisture left in the cigar. Then they tend to taste bad and swell about 1/3 of the way through the burn. Smoke one and see what happens. If they're too moist, leave them out of the humidor for a couple of hours. Then put them back in and give them 24 hours stabilize. There's a reason I use dogrocketp.
No laces, no buy....Bye, bye....... Buy them, and don't zip up your fly, tuck in your shirt tail or pass me in the street. If I see you, I'll buy you the shoelaces and get you the address of a homeless shelter.
Now that's ring around the collar!
Even with the scarf, this is what it's all about!
The lapels point to Mars, double fail. Is it just me, or is it currently the style to have jacket buttons and the thighs of trouser seams pulling? What's with the short pants thing? That seems to be the style in most of the last 2 pages, excepting HRH & HRH.
I wear a midnight blue shawl collar that was probably made in the late 40's. My tailor completely remade it because the shoulder pads had disintegrated. It fits perfectly, and I never fail to get complements. It's all about the tailor, and having the stones to pay him what he is worth.
Nobody is talking about how various colognes react differently to each persons body chemistry. The same thing can smell very differently on different people. The important thing is that it is pleasing to the person you are pursuing romantically. It can also be a great pickup line in the right circumstances. "Do you like this fragrance on Me, and why or why not? It's worked for me. If it works, wear it, & screw public opinion. I used to date a girl who went nuts for "Old...
I've now read this entire post, along with anything else I could get my hands on relating to DB suits. I'll post my theories so you can disagree. The DB suit is the ultimate test of a tailor's abilities, whether Bespoke, MTM or OTR. I believe that a good DB should hide one's physical shortcomings (My stooped shoulders), enhance one's physical attributes (my scrawny neck), and present an image to the public that is appropriate for what is intended. (Note:Circus clowns do...
OK,Junior...what kind of training are you asking about? Time to enlighten the masses.... If you go online, the odds are that a material called polycarbonate will be used. IT IS NOT HIGH INDEX. It is mid index. Polycarbonate, by any brand name, is still crap. It is the worst material in the history of eyeglasses. It is the softest, most prone to spoilage during manufacture & fabrication of the eyeglasses, has the lowest Abbe number (highest color aberration), and will not...
Return the jacket. An S-M-L-XL jacket will need far too much tailoring to fit properly. I live in a very warm part of the country. I would never wear a seersucker jacket (I would wear a suit in the day) to any function requiring a tie. Too casual.
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