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Gen X. Early 90s soul patched Seattle slackers to late 90s khakis and french blue dress shirt wearing Silicon Valley automatons. Single-handedly forced dress casual onto Wall St in 2000 (who remembers the manifesto from Analysts at Salomon Smith Barney?). Think Michael Dell, Jerry Yang, et al. T-shirt, cargo shorts, sandals? Time to go to work.
Quote: Originally Posted by OxxfordSJLINY This Berlusconi guy must be a colossal lunatic to switch from Caraceni (bespoke, which is high end full bespoke) to Kiton (made to measure or bespoke-Kiton's bespoke is actually high end and immorally overpriced semi bespoke). If this guy wants a "Neapolitan silhouette and lighter colors" to look more "solar and optimistic", Rubinacci Napoli (there is also a Milano branch), Panico Napoli (there is also a Roma...
Quote: Originally Posted by bluemagic I think most people missed the main point of the original post, which is that Steve Jobs USED to look quite stylish. I think the same can be said of Woody Allen. Fuck the '90s, I guess? I think it says a lot more about Apple's and Silicon Valley's place vis a vis investors from the 80s to now.
I'm thinking of a sportcoat to wear over it...
Great sweater from cksnipe who was quick in communicating and shipping.
Measurements or pics?
Great recent purchases from fcuknu, FStyles and edmorel.
Quote: Originally Posted by ferguscan Um, that's a derby. It's supposed to have open laces. The OP's shoe is an oxford. It's supposed to be closed. Or was that some sort of joke on wearing derbies with suits? If so, well played. Stuart It's a genuine question I asked in the original thread. Look at the leather along-side the laces. When I put on shoes that are too narrow the leather bows out like that. Obv it could easily be a...
Quote: Originally Posted by columbia92 Isn't this the way it is for just about every industry for last 50 years or so?? Manufacturing jobs move oversea to cheaper wage nation. About 80% of all the consumder goods we buy these days are made in China and there is no turning back the trend... There are lots of instances of high skill manufacturing staying in relatively high cost labor markets.
Not any more so than the foot at the bottom:
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