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[[SPOILER]] Hartford jacketGeller flight pantsDior Homme bootsDamir Doma bag
+1 on the sidezips Noctone. Would love to see how they look worn
Fist, I'd go 3rd too. More importantly, why are you buying a jacket for S/S in Australia?
That blazer
20% off knitwear at oki-ni: 20KNIT13 at checkout. One or two brand exclusions though... Acne Adidas Originals x Raf Simons Alexander McQueen Christopher Kane Christopher Raeburn COMME des GARCONS SHIRT Eastpak x Raf Simons Gosha Rubchinskiy Huntergather Jil Sander Kenzo Lanvin Maison Martin Margiela MarniNew Balance Nike Nike Gyakusou Nike NSW - Coming Soon Paul Smith Raf Simons Rick Owens Rick Owens Drkshdw SILENT By Damir Doma SILENT By Damir Doma x oki-ni Stone...
Thanks for the feedback snow. I do try take bits and pieces from guys like KGfan and yourself, but don't really have the wardrobe to support it yet. Totally agree about the shirt material too. Will keep my eye out!
Yeah I wasn't really sold either, but wanted to try it out. Ah well, chalk it up to a misfire. [[SPOILER]] one of my favourite posters here
KGfan, Art, Steveoffice and giant squash looking great.Still not 100% on this (from a full week ago). Tried it with a graphite coloured tee and it looked off. [[SPOILER]]
Thanks man. I wore that on Friday (not as hot) and it was alright. Wore something vaguely similar last night and regretted it though.Plus I just went and sat in an office all day
Aware this is not even close to how these pants are usually styled...TOJZBDHBag is Damir [[SPOILER]]
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