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First run TOJ Baseball Jacket in tan calf suede. I've definitely put a bit of wear into this jacket, and it isn't in new or near new condition. It's still a great jacket though and if it still fit me I wouldn't be selling it. The most obvious signs of wear are shown in the photos. Marks near the cuffs, collar ribbing and the waist. A good leather cleaner should be able to help you out with that. The ribbing is also piling to varying degrees. I've tried to show the marks...
Do we have appx dates for the AW drop? Those grey suede boots have been haunting my dreams.
Decided to get the hooded bomber from Notre store. Will have to try not to jump if the bomber comes back in stock at NMWA now...
Yeah I'm not convinced the one at ssense is the same. Or it's just their awful pictures.
Thanks @OccultaVexillum but I should have been more specific. I'm looking for the other bomber - not the hooded one
Whoever bought a 48 in the olive bomber from NMWA, I will buy it off you if it doesn't fit. Did any other shops stock it in olive?
[[SPOILER]] Hartford jacketGeller flight pantsDior Homme bootsDamir Doma bag
+1 on the sidezips Noctone. Would love to see how they look worn
Fist, I'd go 3rd too. More importantly, why are you buying a jacket for S/S in Australia?
That blazer
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