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No personal experience, but some examples of worn diagonal zips in ROOMS (colours are 3, 6, 10, 10):
New video on entitled "Trigger"
Happened to come across a full set of images, it's called reversible metre jacket:
Symbol is CCP's leather icon. You can see it used on his leather swatches:It may look like a little person, but I believe it's supposed to look like an uncut hideThe model name escapes me, but it's been around for a while
Aren't these missing a zipper pull? Why isn't that mentioned?
Shirt's been worn only a couple times, always with an undershirt. It's been hand washed once in cold water, and hung to dry, I don't believe it's shrunk at all
Selling an Engineered Garments FW2011 Work Shirt in vintage stripe brown/grey Measurements: P2P 18.5" S2S 15.25" Sleeve from shoulder seam 22.5" Front length 25" Back length from collar seam 28" Back length from top of collar 30" Spare buttons still attached
Is that from Yoox? They have the worst styling of any website, it's beyond awful.
Got my hands on a Julius blazer from FW 2011, but alas it does not fit. Guess I'll be looking to find it a new home
Anyone know if the seat sizing has changed? I remember reading an interview that said they added .5" to the seat for a "roomier fit" at some point. When I got a pair of Stantons, lo and behold, the seat had too much fabric for them to fit me properly, so they had to be returned. I loved the quality so would like to get a pair again
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