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Nice. What shirt, btw?
No kidding! 66% off, free (and apparently lightning-fast) shipping, free returns.
What animal are you planning on featuring for your version of the Big Pony polo, Mike?
You do what I wish I could do. I will one day tackle the "Passacaglia and Fugue in C minor," but for now I'm still struggling with The Well-Tempered Clavier. After the human voice, there is no greater musical instrument to my ears than the pipe organ. (A P90-loaded Gibson SG pummeling a cranked Marshall Plexi is a very close third.)
Very informative, Mike. Thank you!
Thanks, guys! Don't forget: Vote early, vote often.
Thanks, man. I think I submitted six, but only one will be selected as a finalist (assuming I make it into the finals).
Better now?
X-Post From Epaulet Shirt Contest  
My recommendation: Check out Epaulet's excellent array of chino and shirt offerings. The rivet chinos come in lots of handsome but not-too-formal fabrics, and it's easy to find a button-up shirt there that will pair quite nicely. Add a pair of brown wing tips, and you're looking good without looking like Teen Lawyer. Being well-dressed doesn't necessarily mean being dressed-up.
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