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^^ I have that in short sleeve as well. Makes a better short-sleeve than long-sleeve shirt, IMO.
Thank you, sir. Luckily, I didn't miss out on my size.
Thanks. Does Alden do European sizing specifically for European markets? The reason I ask is I'm wondering if something Mauro Poluzzi's site marks as a 42 is actually stamped "42" on the inside of the shoe, or if it's stamped "9" (or something else) and they're just doing their own conversion on the site.
Attn. Forum Admins: Please rename this thread "MC x Epaulet Casual Style."
Also, does anyone know what US size an Italian 42 converts to? There seem to be conflicting answers based on my search results.
Out of curiosity, what size? I need to know if I should be banging my head against a wall.
Got five in myself today. However, I did my run this morning, as opposed to:
First thing I thought of:ktraaz = The Fifth Beatle?
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