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I'm not a fan in general, but there are some out there I like. Here's one from GANT I think works best as a pullover:
NRO = ?
Imagine a button-up where the buttons only go down to mid-chest rather than running the length of the shirt. To put the shirt on, you have to "pull" it "over" your head.
Agreed. Customer service is great. Products aren't too shabby either. Wore my reversible navy twill bow tie today.
Are they doing anything to compensate you, or do you just have to return them?
In other news—and this has nothing to do with Epaulet, but I wanted to share it just the same—I made one of these this morning for my birthday: It's a sausage, egg and cheese sandwich on a grilled glazed doughnut. (Hope I make it to my next birthday.)
Maybe if each of us purchases six, that's enough altogether for Mike to do a MTO.
I think someone here might have that boot.
Mike, ever think of doing western shirts? Got an idea. If this is too nutty, just tell me to crap in a hat: Western shirt Liberty fabric Club collar Was thinking something along the lines of the shirt design of the left and right pics with the fabric in the middle:
Sleeves look short, but the rest looks fine. You could wear it with the sleeves rolled up. Here's how to do spoilers: Code: [SPOILER=Whatever text you want here]stuff you want hidden here[/SPOILER]
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