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Yes, and same as me. But then, does it even matter? If I've learned one thing, it's that my next entry is going to be absolutely smothered in T 'n' A. Guess I should have submitted this instead:
Epaulet shirt contest is live!LINK
I understand shrinkage, and I've experienced sizing differences among fabrics and seasons with GV, but this is extreme. It's such a variation that I'd say it's a mistake on Gitman's part.
OK, I just compared the plaid shirt I got from My Habit with this year's navy floral print, which I purchased from Unionmade (both tagged Gitman Vintage size M): Here's how the measurements stack up: PLAID Chest: 20.5 Front Length: 25 Sleeve: 23.5 Bottom: 21 Back Length: 29 FLORAL Chest: 21 Front Length: 27 Sleeve: 25.5 Bottom: 21 Back Length: 31 While the chest and bottom widths don't differ significantly (or at all), the lengths differ consistently by two inches. I...
Received my shirt on Monday, but I had it delivered to my office and didn't get to pick it up till today. I've only had a couple minutes to give it a preliminary try-on and found the same as the other guys: Seems to be a normal fit everywhere except in the hem and arm length, which are short.When I get home tonight, I'll post measurement comparisons between this shirt and other Gitmans I own.
This hasn't happened yet, right? (Or did I miss it because of the glazed-sandwich coma?)
Yes, please.
I like each half on its own, but I'm not loving the combination. I think the jacket is too formal/finished for the casual denim. The fit of everything looks good.Although more contrast would improve the composition, I do like this photo a lot.
Thanks for all the well-wishes, guys (y muchas gracias, Roberto)! I had a blast yesterday. In our house, the rule is there are (essentially) no rules on your birthday. I wanted to do something decidedly over-the-top to start the day, and I remembered reading about the Luther Burger a couple years ago. Decided to go with "a breakfast version," as cyc wid it put it. I had plans for lunch as well, but the breakfast sandwich was so filling I had to skip lunch altogether. I...
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