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Looks good. I own a button-up of theirs. They have a tank top that comes in a great retro color combination:However, I hate tank tops. Wish this came in a simple t-shirt style a la LVC.
I never would have considered a combination like this, but to my eyes it looks great. What shirt, btw?
^ Hope not. I'd like to think the contest is about highlighting shirts, not skins. I put some serious hours into staging those shots, then working out the post-production. My wife isn't down with posing in any of my fit pics, and I think she'd be even less cool with me posing with some other girl(s), so I have to rely solely on my own creativity, not God's. (And I think we can all agree He has done a pretty good job in the creativity department.)
Perfect English, and thank you, sir.
Red velvet trousers are a wardrobe staple, right? I'm pretty sure they are.
You are learning The Way of the Madras.
^ Looking to unload some My Habit purchases?
Average temperature? About 55ºF, but that varies from month to month. In the winter, you can get sub-zero temps, and the height of summer reaches 100+ some years.
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