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Deets on shirt?
This is great news for PT, as I believe it's been a concern of his for quite some time.
Well-forced is well-armed.
I think this looks great. I'm a fan of the higher button stance on the jacket, and I'm liking the club-collar look more each day. Where's the suit from?
I agree that the competition was even fiercer this time around. It was neck-and-neck for most of the way with three different horses changing leads.It's not my contest, but I think we can all agree that toward the end there was a lot of back-and-forth between myself and SVB vying for first place. By the end of Monday, my lead was only two votes. I think if the contest were extended or shortened by 12 hours, the title just as easily could have been yours.In any case, thanks...
I thought this poll closed two days ago.
Why wouldn't you just iron it?
Just a friendly reminder that voting for the Epaulet Shirt Contest ends today. It's a tight race between me, SVB and somebody's girlfriend. Here's to hoping the best-dressed man wins!
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