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  Rob, just wanted to let you in on a conversation I just had with my daughter while thumbing through this thread.   HER: Who's that boy? ME: His name is Rob. HER: How do you know his name? ME: I've talked to him using email. What do you think of him? HER: I like him. ME: What do you like about him? HER: I like his stars.  
Ditto, though I probably have a greater "need" for the navy.
Paradise Awaits...
I'll take 100.
No way I'd pay more than $1,500 for those shorts.
It really depends on how you'll be using them. Will you be in casual settings all the time? How casual? Business-casual? Drinks with friends? Do you need something for formal occasions? What climate will you be spending most of your time in?Nobody can give you a sense of what you "should" buy first without being armed with that info.
That guy looks like an anemic turd.
I'm very disappointed that the chocolate plaid (can't remember the exact fabric name) went as quickly as it did. I was planning on doing a pair of shorts in that. Wanted to rock that Ivy-style.
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