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Just thought of a new sport: drunken tailoring (醉针).
Yeah, I say they both look one size too small. Maybe you just need to have the waist let out a bit.
    Quoting these two because the just look great. Agree that those could be the OneBoot, NYR. And Wis, the pairing of that waistcoat with those trou is just top-shelf.     The jacket looks too small to my eyes. Anyone else feeling this way?
Incredible discounts! Thanks for the inside info, Mike. Picked up a polo, waistcoat and PJs. Was eyeing the Marcello guncheck when it disappeared before my eyes. :(
Hey guys! Been away for a while. What should I buy? 
  My new ideal.
  This is fantastic and worth a quote. Jacket deets, Wis?
BTW, Mike—and I've been MIA for a while, so I apologize in advance if this has been covered—those polos look great, but I thought you were doing them in long-sleeve. Am I making that up? If not, is that happening in the coming months?   Love, Keith
  Yup, beautiful colors. The three on the left are my faves.   Hi Rob! Hi Wis!
Any update on the Liberty bow ties?
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