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Would you take $399 mate? I wanted something in Brown, but that's my last and size i reckon. Cheers.
Great price on the Cucinelli car coat. Guys....
Bawlin, Why not? Curious why you'd recommend against. Thanks bro.
Any advice on buying an S Class? I had a 1998 model but sold it about ten years ago. Big mistake. Loved that car. Anyway, looking to spend around 40k, model year 2009 or up. Any input appreciated. Thanks.
Is anyone having difficutly viewing photos?
Whats the rise in inches?
Nice. Is that a Makita? I thought those were cordless.
Unbelievable service. Got these awesome cufflinks in TWO days. i love working with A Players! i love it!! Thanks Courtney.
Both ties 3.5 widest x58". Great condition. Just never made it into the rotation. Gorgeous patterns! $9 each and $8 shipping domestic US. Sold as a pair.
No surprises-no rips, tears, etc. Used and in great shape. Wears full. These pants are awesome and I get tons of compliments with them. Inseam is 35-36" and I wore them rolled up. W 17.5", Front rise 9.5", leg opening 7.8". Flat front. Cool coin pocket on waist band. My other pairs of Mabitex aren't this well made. Cotton is super soft on these things. $6 shipping USPS priority with tracking. I hate selling these things but I have lost a ton of weight.
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