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When people talk of the OCBD's being a good value, are they the dress or casual line? Do you guys feel that the easy care "dress" line work well for casual purposes too? I've been buying lots of Uniqlo over the past year and I've been happiest with the vintage chinos, airism/heattech undershirts, and some flannels. What are some other good value products from them should I be trying? Thank you, this thread has been a good source of information.
Are any of the current navy Blazers decent?
How often does Uniqlo release a Herringbone blazer? Is the dark grey tweed closest that can be expected for the year?
There is something suspicious about buying pants in applemaniaesque conditions. I seem to have missed the 20 minute window of Caramel canvas being for sale.
Sorry if it's been mentioned already, but will the caramel colored duck chinos be restocked eventually or were they a one off?
Are the new regimental twill trousers dry clean or machine wash?
Anyone remember what the exact size discrepancy was in the old mill spec chinos? I have a pair of british khaki and a pair of gunmetal chinos in size 33 that are 1-2 inches to big and end up with an annoying chinch on the belt to wear them. I also have a pair of the mil spec olive drabs in 31 that are a touch too slim. If I remember right we were supposed to size down with them compared to the regular styles? I want to buy a pair of the chords or the khaki canvas and can't...
How much and how fast will that unfinished belt darken?
Are the rivet chinos able to be taken in at the waist as easily as the trousers are?
How often do the Vintage chinos and oxfords pop up through the us website?
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