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What size of their trousers would fit me best if I wear a 32x34 in Uniqlo's vintage chinos?
Anyone have any tips for deep cleaning white airism undershirts and turning them white again? I soaked them in an oxiclean competitor for a few hours, washed them, then washed them again wit a bit of vinegar. They are clean but turned light grey instead of white.
Which of their unstructured blazer styles is the best? I have a linen version that is almost seethrough in the back. I tried the light comfort version a few months ago and they felt like an outerwear jacket material. I see the Comfort version is a jersey material. How are the dry lightweight and the light cotton versions?
Are the casual oxfords still very thick? I'd like another oxford for but the version I bought a few years ago were very thick. Over the course of the thread uniqlo ocbd's have been regarded as a good value, but which version for casual wear?
When people talk of the OCBD's being a good value, are they the dress or casual line? Do you guys feel that the easy care "dress" line work well for casual purposes too? I've been buying lots of Uniqlo over the past year and I've been happiest with the vintage chinos, airism/heattech undershirts, and some flannels. What are some other good value products from them should I be trying? Thank you, this thread has been a good source of information.
Are any of the current navy Blazers decent?
How often does Uniqlo release a Herringbone blazer? Is the dark grey tweed closest that can be expected for the year?
There is something suspicious about buying pants in applemaniaesque conditions. I seem to have missed the 20 minute window of Caramel canvas being for sale.
Sorry if it's been mentioned already, but will the caramel colored duck chinos be restocked eventually or were they a one off?
Are the new regimental twill trousers dry clean or machine wash?
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