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My band made a bunch of t-shirts. I bet you could get a couple wears out of those.
Any idea of when the sale will end? Sounds worth my while.
From the OC sale: Not much more to be said. Somebody point me to some good vests, though. I need to work on my japanese grandpa steeze.
Black shoes and belt with blue jeans, or with navy suit, is a damned respectable look, too.
Really digging my new straight-zips, but I'm wishing I had sized down another step.
Suit's huge. Rolling way up behind his neck and flaring up from both shoulders.
A shirt with a relatively dramatic gusset/long tail, like Engineered Garments, I'd say. Keeping the vest a couple inches unzipped on the bottom.
My style is steaming towards full-on EG; lots of Victorian textures, more rumple, more drape, looser cuts. I've only just starting wearing shirts you don't have to tuck in. Cropped chinos and AEs are gonna get a lot of wear this S/S.
I like that CDG shirt. What's the big deal?
I'm a renter
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