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Totally works both ways. Former is more workwear, latter is more blazer/casual.
That was my exact same sequence of thoughts.
Pick one (either one, really) of those pairs and that whole fit is killer.
I bet I can get rid of them! Why ARE they sized like that, anyway?
Quoting directly from Urbandaddy: Quote: 80% Off James Perse Spring’s imminent. Thus you may suddenly find yourself in the market for a new pair of canvas pants or a few pre-laundered textured polos. Something formal enough for Bethpage Black. And comfortable enough for waiting in line at Shake Shack. Mar 11-13, Fri 10am-9pm, Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 10am-4pm, James Perse ( ), 382 W Broadway
Well... Ok. Copped. Weird. How do these things run? EDIT: Consensus has it they run big (which I had somewhere in the back of my mind), which is good because they're a half size down from my normal size—but some folks say they run HUGE, which is bad because they're only a half size down from my normal size. Oh well. As long as they're not fake, they'll either fit or flip.
PaulYAY, that's a great shape—but canvas, really? I would swear from those pictures it's suede. I agree if not it's hard to justify.
Honestly, I've always assumed that SVB was purposefully trying to hit a white, nerdy, slightly ironic look super hard; basically doing the 1950s poindexter look so on-point that it was a little comical, Devo style. If his ultra nerdiness is not on purpose, I feel bad. But, like, isn't it? I feel like advice like 'grow your hair out a little, wear it a little messier, wear your clothes a little more rumpled' is definitely good if he wants to look cooler"”but is...
I don't know if everything looks way too big, but the cardigan looks way too big. And the shoes too, though there's more factors at work there, obviously.
One thing that's really happened over the year is that my MC interest has dwindled to almost nothing. When I started dressing well I was the guy who wore suit and tie when he didn't have to, just for fun; but having developed a SWD style that has real character and interest for me (and is still evolving) has really pushed that deep to the background. And also, I'm not gonna lie, the MC forum has kind of killed it for me. Lots of pudgy middle-aged dudes with unfortunate...
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