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^ It's sort of uncomfortable, but I think for me, right now, I will definitely confess buying too much clothes—not only from a financial angle but also from a sort of Buddhist angle. I definitely buy more shit than I need and am definitely sometimes not as juiced by a purchase as I am hoping, even if it's something I'm buying that moment. There's a very small element of compulsion there. And I'd like to say, well, I'll just stop buying shit and only dress well with what I...
NN, you going in and helping with the relief work? Very baller. Samaritan steeze, etc. Scarf: IMA Design (forget what that stands for, got it at the Nepenthes pop-up shop) Jacket: +J Shirt: Muji Pants: Ervell Shoes: Nordstroms Black and navy black and navy. Very happy with this fit. My only complaints are that the shirt is a little wrinkled and that they're tassle loafers instead of penny loafers. I inherited them so pickers can't be choosers. Are you allowed...
'You clenched fist, arrogant brat, by the way I'm Scottish'
My tie philosophy is buy cheap and often. Fuck quality. You can get a hand made silk tie for $20-40; no need to be discriminating. Save the 7-fold $140 jawnz for MC. OP, check out sample sales and thrift stores. There's usually a tie bin.
Heutchy does sales on Gilt very often. They have a good affordable chukka boot.
The white tee as photographed on context is pretty see-through; the model's wifebeater is very clearly visible. Is this the case with the other colors? I was thinking about the off-white in particular.
Hi guys, I spend most of my time in SW&D so if I make a faux pas please excuse me. I'm selling a Giovani Gentile suit from the now-defunct men's shop in Manhattan, Beau Brummel. I bought it a couple years ago during their going-out-of-business sale but it was too big for me then, and it's too big for me now. This suit has been worn once. It's a lovely suit and I hope it will find a good home. It retailed for $1200; I bought it for $400 clearance. I'm asking $250->230...
hey shut up.
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don't sweat it.
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