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I don't wear black & navy together, but that's because I don't wear black clothes. Black shoes, on the other hand? Black shoes and belt go great with navy and I wear them whenever possible.
I used this method: It's 18.25" between the side seams, and 18.75" from edge to edge.
p-p-p-p-price drop.
I gotta say, I liked the discussion about the roots and effects of caring about clothes a lot more than flaming people over which is better, W+H or Julius. Also: Stouffer's.
Speaking of monks, I just dropped by the dry cleaners to have du put a button back on, and I'm 99% certain that the guy at the front had a bunch of monk's robes spread out on the counter.
Could be. People flame each other here so much that I have given up on trying to remember who anyone is, or whether they're generally a dick or not, and just approach each thread like I've never met any of you before, Memento steeze.
V. cool. The WWI-combat vibe is underserved here.
Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent I like all of this apart from the loafers, but then I can't stand tassel loafers. I am almost sure that I'm gonna cut the tassles off of these by the end of the day. Which might be ill-advised.
Teger, why are you being such a dick? As far as I read it, Lane and slack tide and a couple other dudes decided to discuss some of the reasons why they pay so much attention to clothes and dressing, and it was only you who walked into the middle and said 'YOU SOUND LIKE A DICKWAD SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP IT'S JUST CLOTHES'. I can't say I understand it. Personally, I see clothes as a direct, tangible expression of human culture, and I think there's a lot of intellectual meat...
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger nice but IMO need a dressier shirt (and tucked in). Appreciate the feedback"”but I think if I were gonna go dressier shirt with a tuck, I'd need to change the pants too, because they're cut like a five-pocket jean. Usually a tuck with these pants is a battle. As it is I feel slightly relaxed and louche. Then again, I'm really only just starting to wear untucked button-downs, so I'm still learning.
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