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What's the difference between MMM GATs and real-life GATs?
Good fit anyway. Boots look great.
Quote: Originally Posted by jwkicks Jil size 10 brown laceups. Hard to tell much from the pics, but so cheap might be worth it. Quote: Originally Posted by coldforge Well... Ok. Copped. Weird. How do these things run? EDIT: Consensus has it they run big (which I had somewhere in the back of my mind), which is good because they're a half size down from my normal size—but...
That's a business model, right there. Lucky Stiff shoes, maybe?
I remember reading a Trad blog a while ago whose articles regularly dipped into extreme pro-WASP classism and low-grade racism ('figures that the white anglo-saxon people who built this country are supposedly the cause of its decline,' etc); and the comments regularly had nothing low-grade about them. Anybody know which one I might be remembering? It was quite something.
wyattearp's home job actually makes me really uncomfortable, for some reason. I'm not sure way, but in that picture they look a lot more... Grisly and violent than the originals. Which is itself an accomplishment.
Just dropped a little on the shoe conflagration going on in MC. Jeeeeezus.
D, it says in the picture.
PF Flyers are good college sneaks. Cheap, they've got enough personality that you can do some experimentation with them.
Woodyear currently rocking a solid ~1:5 substance:troll ratio.
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