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I've got a pair of these shipping over. I've already got a seam ripper waiting for the cuff tag, and I was actually thinking about darkening the coin pocket leather patch too. I'll have to see it in person, of course, but I suspect that the orange leather will be a little too gaudy for me and that I'll want it darker. Any opinions? I was thinking of just applying a bunch of neatsfoot oil, which is the cheapest/simplest way to darken leather.
I'd like to register my very strong interest in the violet fans (which I assume is the first picture you've posted there)! If you can get those back I'll buy one of those as well as the pink cherry blossoms.
I don't think it's as useful or accurate to say that you've got to learn the rules and then you can break them. Like someone said earlier, rules are to train your eye. If you learn about what colors and shapes to match with each other and develop an eye for what clothes do to the lines of the figure, you develop a sense of style. And at that point you learn that following the 'rules' of style is not the same at all as dressing conservatively. There is a place for brightly...
Well, the above discussion was enough to push me over the edge and pay up for the pair"”especially once it was confirmed for me that their main competitor (in my small shortlist), the Tellason John Graham Mellors, was particularly low-rise"”so we'll see how they turn out. As mentioned, honestly, the already-demonstrated good taste of the Blackbird guys goes really far for me. So I ordered a pair of 29s"”I am a 30 trousers"”and I'm looking forward to them coming in. I will...
Thanks for the reply. I'm glad to hear you like them. Frankly, if I didn't already have a pair of Levi's Hurricanes and a pair of Martins I'd be looking at the Sunset Hotel too, because I have a real thing for black waxed. That said, as for the Hazlewood, I've got two specific questions: a) how would you describe the rise, and b) how have the jeans faded?
I am generally a real big fan of Blackbird's stock, and their taste in collaborations"”their boots from Alden are some of my favorites around. So I've been looking at their Hazlewood denim with interest but I haven't been able to find any testimonials anywhere on the internet. http://www.blackbirdballard.com/Blac...ean_16042.html The look from the images is great and the price is reasonable. But does anyone have any experience with this jean, or with the other...
New Posts  All Forums: