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...Is that a lady's bottom?
Picked up a pair of vintage v-cleat shell florsheim imperials. Nothing special, but they're a pretty good staple. But the sizing is kind of throwing me for a loop. Normally I wear a 10.5 and these 9.5EEEs don't fit that bad. I'm beginning to suspect that my feet are considerably wider and shorter than I have been assuming.
Does it really bother you so much to sit and contemplate the fact that your man isn't taking actual pictures of the things he's talking about having bought? You somehow think he's cheating?
...I bet you could get vintage florsheim shell imperials for 1/3 the price!
I like that a lot, actually.
I honestly think that if I wore cologne, I might like it to smell like Saphir Renovateur. My girlfriend would fucking HATE it.
Hey, their house jean is a good deal, and it is sometimes on sale for a great deal. I will still rep for that.
I am trying to help a friend triangulate his AE (read: true) shoe size from his Dunks, Adidas, Pumas, and a pair of Clarks he doesn't really like. Gah.
I admit, the tank is much cooler.
Mike, do you speak Mongolian?
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