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Quote: Originally Posted by Bona Drag like base notes ha! of course. man, the internet is great.
I'm currently wondering about the best way to make a cologne out of Saphir Renovateur. Maybe simmering a small amount in some water to skim out the solids? ...Actually, maybe the opposite would be better. Maybe if I chilled it, it would separate.
I don't get why people dislike that guy. I think he looks great.
I am the man in that picture. I got the jacket at JC Penny. I don't think they make it any more.
Luckily you sound like a pretty secure dude, yourself! I know all the really secure dudes I know look at the entire world through a lens of resentment and suspicion, finding reasons that they're superior to everyone they see and creating this elaborate set-up whereby other people are 'suckered' into 'dressing down', just so they can lose the great game called life that apparently only you know you are playing.
Gothninja is less trendy than perfecto/moto variants?
That is nice. I've already got a navy linen blazer though, and plus the one I posted is like, 80/20 cotton/linen—and I appreciate the brighter blue, too.
Our Legacy 3 roll 2 blazer in English Cloth It would be a light blazer for S/S. But I'm concerned that the weave might be a little too distinctive:
drink, What you do is upload the image somewhere (for instance,, then simply wrap the URL of the image in [IMG] tags, like so: HTML Code: [IMG][/IMG]
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