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Fit is the same for me in the body; with the vents, my baker actually has pleats, essentially, so those do box out a little bit when it's closed. But the single vent is a regular slit so it doesn't have that issue.
Dropped by Nepenthes today and they took my pitcher EG jacket Muji shirt EG trousers AEs
Quote: Originally Posted by randomkoreandude +1 and show pics 2 out of 3:
Picked up striped charcoal baker jacket and navy diamond dobby cinch pants from Nepenthes. Now I've got 2 of the 3 navy diamond dobby pieces, the pants and the jacket. Dare I go for the three piece? Probably not.
What is CE, anyway? I'm sure it's something simple.
tres chic. baller.
I'll confess that I picked up a pair of black ferragamo buckle loafers from the massive shoe sale that I love, but haven't figured out how to wear them yet. Maybe I just need more light grey trousers or shorts.
my EDC: 5 different antique pocket watches, all set to different timezones.
best blacked out toj fit ive seen, and that includes the lanvins.
Man, you can't back up the amount of shit that you sling with something as half-assed as all that.
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