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Chinos could MAYBE work in a super military fit; CPO + boot tuck or something. As it is it looks like they shrunk in the wash.
Quote: Originally Posted by snake helmut lang and uniqlo cropped pants. Going to wear them all summer long. Is there a relationship between these and the +J pant things? Because those are kind of like, I dunno, 3/4 pants or capris.
I did blow my cash; I wanted the other one. Thanks for the find, though.
Is it finished/cleaned out, already? I was gonna go today.
I am a 36 and I have a S&H wool jacket in a 38.
Quote: Originally Posted by randomkoreandude ive never seen a coupon for them ... they do flash sales on certain items and doubt it will happen on those belts. if you want it just go get it. they sold out once they were released and came back recently Yeah, that's kind of what I figured. It's a fair kop (ha!)
Any Inventory discount codes? I lost my Zissou belt (after like, 2 months) so I'm gonna pull the trigger on one o' them Swedish Army belts.
t0fu: love the tuck. fuck the haters (that's my WAYWT mantra apparently)
I wanna hang out with Zissou, go climb dinosaur bones in the salt flats.
Strongly disagree. Silhouette is about so much more than deciding what makes you look taller, and what makes you look shorter. It's a strong, distinctive shape. Big fan.
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