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Is this shirt too short? I got it tailored and it kinda feels like it is. Falls about mid fly. ignore my mom's bathroom, I'm home for christmas it's Unis
Not sure, but you can try giving em a call 212-431-5533
The Lulz Angeles store opens this Friday:
How much did they cost you? I've got a few friends in NYC who could probably send it to me.
Where the hell can I buy a pair of 19cm? I can't find them online, anywhere in DC carry them?. I retired my NS after getting puke on them (not mine, long story), so I need a new pair of jawnz.
Gios are on sale, $160
Fit is spectacular. It is a tiny bit long, but one wash should fix it. I'll try to post pics.
Sleek jacket Kelv. I think I have the same jeans.
I stopped by on Saturday. There's still a handful of Felix shirts left - a few in each size. They're on sale at around $130 (bout a hundred bucks off), I copped one. Gios are full price, but they have pretty much every size. They also had canvas CPs for 30% off - I think they were around $240. also dude behind the counter looked like Bam Margera
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