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couple of items up auction on ebay. ends this sunday 10:30 am pacific time.
wouldn't call you that, like everyone else here have reservations about the larger iPhone but have the 6s for personal use and a nexus 6p for work and can see why people go for the plus, the extra screen real estate makes using the nexus quite a pleasure to use. like you think I might go for the 7+ once it drops this autumn.
they have a dwr treatment making them water resistant.
agree, any form of streaming will empty that battery so quick. can't you stream bloomberg news from your desktop?
of course ... at a halloween party, theme zombies attack golf course in the 70's
that jacket looks like something out of caddyshack. you could dye that the deepest, darkest black, so dark it absorbs stars and still have a problem with it.
sns did do a knit of the paragon with a v neck shawl type collar, remember the paragon being quite popular hopefully they'll make them againyou may also be like the integral over on sale at end.
from the archives ...singledouble
haven't noticed these but may have already been posted ...30% off at oi polloi.on sale at couverture & garbstore also kafka.
thought I made the picture a clickable link, looks like it doesn't work on this here forum.
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