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guessing this has been asked already so apologies if it has but can't find the answer after a quick scan; do the metcon 1 fit tts?
if the rumours are anything to go by you apparently charge each night which on the one hand is a bummer but something that'll you could quite easily get used to, just charge it along with your iphone. can also imagine if you're travelling a long distance abroad for example and depending on use could easily see the apple watch running out of juice before you reach your destination.
sns herning stark on sale at four horsemen.
hope the update iron's out some of the bugs.
Brand new with tags on auction. Naked & Famous Elephant 3 - Weird Guy. ends in a few hours ...
not stricly fashion I know but this does look good ... for running of course
isaora sale down to 40% off.
just noticed the drop on mr. porter it's been picked clean, nowt much left.
An incredible leather and waxed cotton varsity jacket by Vanson for Epaulet up for Sale Unavailable anywhere, this jacket is brand new and unworn, save trying it on in the house. Size M - measurements: 21" pit to pit 18" shoulders 25.5" sleeve length 25" total front length Originally $575 - £380 but willing to let it go for $365 - £235 but always welcome offers and open to possible trades UK shipping is £15, international please pm.
need to see a photo for a laugh for proof before purchase.
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