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thanks akatsuki will take a look at those
some apps do sync, if you install an app on your iPad it can show up on your iPhone and vice versa but only if it is compatible with the iDevice. like Jr Mouse says some are only coded for an iPad or iPhone also you'll find newer versions and just newer apps will not work on an older iDevice. as for moving an apps location on the springboard that will not sync.
have to say the same, was a little worried about the size of the 6 but very glad I got it, with the rounded edges and how thin it is you doesn't feel big in the hand, although must admit I do have large hands.just came back from an apple store and looking at the 5k retina iMac, it is absolutely stunning and agree with gomestar! just a pity that its not available as a stand alone display.talking of Apple's Mail I'm not too happy with it never have been really, it's ok but...
as long as you sign to iCloud using the same account on each iDevice everything like contacts, photos, mail, messages should all sync seamlessly between Mac, iPhone, iPad. have all three and it works for me.
the ipad air 2 is the new ipad the previous ipad being the ipad air. only branded air as it's incredibly light and thin, do you prefer heavier and chunkier tablets?
nice purchase if I knew that was going at that price i would have instacopped!
the nike flyknit chukka fsb is up on caliroots for €179 and most sizes ​ just not my bloody size!
to perfectly honest I don't know but would seriously doubt it will correctly. the alpha industries one you are referring to may fit into your parka but is like a jacket as it buttons on to itself whereas the Ten c liner below does not as it buttons into the jacket. if you don't mind that there's no harm in giving a go if you can return for free or try an army surplus store for a liner if there's one nearby. let us know how it works out!
pm sent.
well the seven jackets forever is definitely out, there are jeans from ten c over at haven. nero sughero along with two jackets jean jacket parachute jacket be interesting to see what the jeans are like after a few months of wear and tear.
New Posts  All Forums: