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i stand corrected, haven't really paid much attention to the sales this summer but thought there was another code for us brits. noticed too this trend of uk stores discounting for outside the uk first then here after. agnes b is rather shitty. do you know why stores are doing this, rather odd to me? it's not like france for example where by law sales start and finish at specific periods.
it is what it is but if you have any doubt on my credentials you have only need to peruse my feedback, think you'll find all is in order.
have a sughero ten c parka up for sale on ebay
this happened earlier in the sales, there was an us only code floating about a uk one was released later. hopefully it won't be too fecking long I'm after a couple of things.
and that's why arguably both conan and terminator are his best films.
looks like it, tried it myself works if you're a us punter but not from the uk???
can't beat a henry vacuum ...
if anyone does go and can proxy would be eternally grateful.
adorama sale. wish I could take advantage of this!
doubt it from apple, third party probably, more likely to have an adapter in the box similar to the jack less lenovo moto z with its usb-c earphones.
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