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the nike flyknit chukka fsb is up on caliroots for €179 and most sizes ​ just not my bloody size!
to perfectly honest I don't know but would seriously doubt it will correctly. the alpha industries one you are referring to may fit into your parka but is like a jacket as it buttons on to itself whereas the Ten c liner below does not as it buttons into the jacket. if you don't mind that there's no harm in giving a go if you can return for free or try an army surplus store for a liner if there's one nearby. let us know how it works out!
pm sent.
well the seven jackets forever is definitely out, there are jeans from ten c over at haven. nero sughero along with two jackets jean jacket parachute jacket be interesting to see what the jeans are like after a few months of wear and tear.
nice post Synthese thanks! did you spot a roccia vet schoeller keprotec with the squid sole? been meaning to cop a pair but if they have the new vibram sole I'll wait till this winter. the garda slip on are the perfect air travel shoe, got a pair last year for that very reason. find diemme's so comfortable, want to pick a few more pairs.
herno laminar did release a harrington, I've got it. it's damn sick. had been looking for one just like it for years, it got released last spring/summer, boom instacop! has the classic look of a traditional harrington but with gore windstopper and the pockets have tiny hidden magnetic closures.
they do bawlin, check out the size? link above!
cheers mate I may hit you up on that L
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