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b**locks, only works for those in united states.
couple of items up for auction on ebay. stone island shadow project moleskin-r peacoat - size l stone island shadow project insulator jacket - size xl ends on wednesday.
mads mikkelsen's character in dr. strange
one wonders if the the original cast had a sense of deja vu while making force awakens. when watching it all I thought about was how similar it was to a new hope as if it's almost a reboot.
my girlfriend had the white macbook which also had the bulging battery luckily the track pad is ok. she bought a new battery and gave it to her brother, still going strong.
it might seem daft but the reason pencil doesn't attach to side like surface could be a patent issue.
probably the best use of mcdonalds coffee.
oh yeah ... that's the one
have to agree, only a few episodes in and loving it and certainly a different pace to the first series. liked the slow burn of the first getting to know the characters but this is straight in no messing about. just seen that scene I'm guessing you're talking about. it's good but like both equally. want to see more!
REDMOND have a 52 shearling hood up for sale!
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