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as my nexus 4 is dying.thinking of picking up the yotaphone 2 for work purely because of the e-ink second display.
that's a backdoor way for law enforcement to get you to unlock your smartphone. at present as far as I'm aware and could be wrong on this but if you have ahem 'stuff' that you want to remain hidden on a smartphone you do not have to unlock it unless a search warrant has been issued. if you're stopped by the police and they ask for your driver's licence bingo you've unlocked the smartphone and handed it over to an officer who can browse at leisure.
cheers bruv
kingsfull could you drop that link for the uk spot please mate?
thanks t3hg0suazn & Fok. checked my preferences and all are ticked but have never received any notifications or newsletters and always check my junk/spam, never had any in there too.
newsletters, emails never knew sf did this, how or where do I join up?
guessing this has been asked already so apologies if it has but can't find the answer after a quick scan; do the metcon 1 fit tts?
if the rumours are anything to go by you apparently charge each night which on the one hand is a bummer but something that'll you could quite easily get used to, just charge it along with your iphone. can also imagine if you're travelling a long distance abroad for example and depending on use could easily see the apple watch running out of juice before you reach your destination.
New Posts  All Forums: