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Stage 6 Bad day for the Yanks. Horner finishes last after a crash, Farrar out of the mix. Leipheimer in the second group. Perhaps karma is catching up with Bruyneel?
I'm a Canadian that did a Sloan Fellowship at LBS. Great school and great experience. Recruiting is generally Euro focussed except for the BB investment banks. The LBS brand isn't highly weighted in Canada unless you're in the alumni circuit but that's true of any non-Canadian school. INSEAD FWIW likes it applicants to be in the 26-28 year old range and the vast majority typically go into consulting or IBanking. If you're a more experienced applicants who is a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Don Carlos Oh, for fuck's sake, "Evidence?" is the most annoying meme CE has ever produced. Go fuck yourself up your fat, sweaty ass with the plethora of evidence that exists out there and is readily available to Google on your own. You fat, fat, ugly little sow!'re already cranky without your carbs
Quote: Originally Posted by velobran I'm sure your "in-shape" but 23 BMI for a cyclist is high. You need to eat before you are hungry and ensure you are eating the right things. Follow the "drink your electrolytes, eat your calories" rule often while riding and see if it improves. I'm at the point where if do anything over 80km, I have to eat around the 50km mark or the last 10 miles are shit. If I eat correctly then I'm finishing really strong. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Blood test, blood test, blood test. Go to an endo. Explain your concerns. Get a full-ass panel done ASAP. Bingo. Found out that after 15 years of stable thyroid levels I had gone somewhat hyper. Cut my meds down and have to wait 6ish weeks to find out if the new dosage is right. Results were sub-clinical but definately hyperthyroid. Great way to lose weight....from your heart muscle
I'm a pretty commited former competitive cyclist and commute to work and ride with a group on the weekends. Two weeks ago on a fairly tame (30kph avg) ride of 100KM I started cramping up at the end. Considering the cool temps and tame pace I was surprised. On Good Friday I went for another 100KM ride with the group under similar conditions and at roughly 60KM was starting to cramp and by 90KM was totally shattered. I fully bonked and made my way home in my lowest gear...
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff I think the bolded is not ideal. youre either living in a third world country or have some growth hormone deficiency problem. i say 28-29 inch waist (measured at an inch below navel/actual waist) is ideal. im right at 29-30 depending on time of month and my conditioning/diet at the time. Fixed
Note to self: Scotchguard the seats. Congrats on a life less ordinary.
Outstanding stuff. Mine are in the mail
Fantastic links. I can't wait to get mine
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