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^tomfoolery Get a zero Aka male pattern baldness haircut You'll be at the head of the trend
^cant compare a women's regular tee to the Ryan's tee but my wife is a 34D in VS
^they actually used to do alterations before they had a web store When you could order from the soho store over the phone or through email I had them alter a couple of pairs of trousers...unfortunately I could not tell the one pair was pinstriped from the online pic 33x32 if anyone wants new grey pinstriped pants from 2-3 years ago
Tasmanian wool - ok for year round or fall/winter only?
Anyone know if they offer their free alteration service for web orders? If so, is there somewhere to note that during the checkout process?
I think even blue owl isn't even able to do them due to their thickness
^the area We can see the next town over and the river that divides us
^with my regular unbranded, apc jeans, and LVC505 I've never had an issue with staining car interior It's fabric, not leather if that makes a difference
Just got my 21 oz. a couple of days ago Any who has them or jeans that are similar in terms off indigo rubbing off/fading qualities have any issues with staining light car interior? Since the denim seems to be very abrasive I'm concerned about staining a tan car interior
go with which will best suit your wardrobe
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