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Anyone know if they offer their free alteration service for web orders? If so, is there somewhere to note that during the checkout process?
I think even blue owl isn't even able to do them due to their thickness
^the area We can see the next town over and the river that divides us
^with my regular unbranded, apc jeans, and LVC505 I've never had an issue with staining car interior It's fabric, not leather if that makes a difference
Just got my 21 oz. a couple of days ago Any who has them or jeans that are similar in terms off indigo rubbing off/fading qualities have any issues with staining light car interior? Since the denim seems to be very abrasive I'm concerned about staining a tan car interior
go with which will best suit your wardrobe
look to be a couple inches or away from his wrists
the sleeves are just flat out too short
Bomber guy stopped making them in calf some time ago I ordered mine nearly two years ago
some pics of my terry sweatshirt i just got the other day which would be the new cut nan mentioned...not sure why the pics came out so grainy not enough people post pics of items other than shirts fit is good...size medium and i'm just under 6' and about 155 lb. interested in seeing pics of the cashmere beanie worn...they don't show it worn on everlane.com
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