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^no pain, no gain...raw denim rule of thumb
Just wore one of my shirts I got before Rugby closed shop for the first time this week Post your Rugby pieces, old and new, to keep this thread going
just got my slim fit oxfords yesterday and tried them on today drenched them and dried them on high temp and shrinkage was minimal i own uniqlo oxfords for several seasons and i agree that these are probably the best only qualms i have as far as fit is the neck is a bit big on the mediums (though pretty negligible) and the body length is a bit long but that's an easy $5 fix at the tailor i have long arms and the sleeve length is bang on for me on these tempted to pick...
been interested in checking out the new slim fit OCBD's especially since they got the overdyes liked the slim fit OCBD's i have from about three years ago but the material is pretty thin on those hoping these are better...ordered blue, navy, and olive
^I was strongly considering them but now they're out of the question
fuck it, i want both
would kill/maim/steal for burgandy body color option on TOJ0 2013 to do a burgandy/sandnavy/sand is a nice consolation option thoughdidn't see any mention as to whether striped ribbing would be an optioni wondered the same...doesn't look like the sleeves are as fitting as the TOJ1 and the size chart doesn't have sleeve circumference measurements whereas the size chart for the TOJ1 did
i was wondering the samemy slim fits from a couple years ago the collar is but then again, overall, the fabric is a bit lighter than any other season oxfords i've touched from uniqloanyone who has the slim fit earth tones or will be getting them post some pics and science, pleasethe size chart for them says the collar is 16.5 for a size medium
i have the new sweatpants and i tried the UU pair on at the storefrom what i remember the UU sweatpants fit the same but the inseam was shorter...i don't think the hem even touched my shoes
do you have no other options for footwear? when i used to skate and when i used to buy sneakers all the time i was always looking for laces for sneakers and seldom could find quality ones at stores...i would always hold on to extra sets of laces that came with shoes typically the ones at sneaker shops and places like walmart have very cheap shitty feeling laces
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