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i have the new sweatpants and i tried the UU pair on at the storefrom what i remember the UU sweatpants fit the same but the inseam was shorter...i don't think the hem even touched my shoes
do you have no other options for footwear? when i used to skate and when i used to buy sneakers all the time i was always looking for laces for sneakers and seldom could find quality ones at stores...i would always hold on to extra sets of laces that came with shoes typically the ones at sneaker shops and places like walmart have very cheap shitty feeling laces
^maybe try contacting CP and let us know how it turns out
I think they are sending D&S promotional emails to people who were signed up for Rugby ones...I just got one today
^the Uniqlo dry package shirts are a bit short in my opinion Unless you're talking about a different shirt
Wasn't much leftover the last day For men's apparel I think it was only 2 pages...mostly rugby's and polos
the additional time is intentional...they are lying to you about the initial quote timebuilding mystique...that's their marketing technique
Size medium t shirts - still small in the chest proportionately?
I posted mine a few pages back Mine is the new revised fit and i really like it If I were to change it at all I would make the body length a bit shorter but fits great otherwise
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