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i doubt he noticed your mickey mouse crewneck
^what fits do they have the coated black jeans in?
looking for suggestions on affordable black skinny/slim fit jeans inseam should be >34" probably looking into N&F skinny power stretch thought there was a skinny fit black jean on uniqlo but it's not listed on the site anymore
most colors/patterns are straight butt cheeks too
what kind of lead time were you quoted?
normal price meaning $780 for leathers with the possibility of receiving calf, goat, and/or colors other than black or brown?i would love to see people jump on this
my favorite pic of any TOJ ever:
Looks goodDespite the shoulders being tight it looks like where the sleeve meets the shoulder it actually hangs off your shoulder a bit...may just be because its unbuttonedI ordered a 48 but thought it could maybe do a 50...do you mind providing your measurements?
i like SOHO location because it's easy to find what you're looking for there since it's smaller and i've gone there everytime i've been to NYC for the past five years i believe the 5th Ave. location is the largest of the three...been there a couple of times and looked for specific items and had to ask a SA to cease my aimless wondering despite it's location the 34th Uniqlo was not at all busy the couple of times i was there...the first time i went there it was so dead...
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