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i like SOHO location because it's easy to find what you're looking for there since it's smaller and i've gone there everytime i've been to NYC for the past five years i believe the 5th Ave. location is the largest of the three...been there a couple of times and looked for specific items and had to ask a SA to cease my aimless wondering despite it's location the 34th Uniqlo was not at all busy the couple of times i was there...the first time i went there it was so dead...
it would probably change peoples opinion if he let the jacket settle some (may be fresh out of the packaging) and unzip the cuffs half way so the jacket drapes moreand also have a more relaxed stance
Damn quality controlMy bomber has no toj symbol...I think they sent me low quality, knock off jawnz
It is on the sides...gonna have her even it up She doesn't do this professionally so it's no surprise really Bought clippers about a year ago and they pretty much paid for themselves within 3 haircuts Since my hair is a bit longer I bought shears and it was her first try using them
needed trimmed up a bit so i let her cut it: she still doesn't like it but i didn't want her to take any more off than she did
Click the size chart link for specific measurements on each uniqlo item...most items should have them listed
^i don't know who made that comment but it wasn't me
we don't care about towelsi remember some time ago they were talking about producing "common projectsesque" shoes but that's something that has probably went to the wayside at this point
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