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curious as to what boots those are
i thought i was the only person who watched that movie spun...it was terrible
i second cream sleeves...more than likely would get that color sleeves if an optionother than that, keep it pretty traditional? can't really think of anything else
Quote: Originally Posted by mike868y uh oh...this new varsity could derail my EG outerwear purchase, hehe. I'll have to see. Happy Drew decided to go with set up sleeves as opposed to raglan. KEEP US POSTED ON THE SWAG SAUCE STATUS. agreed
just got mine in the mail today... i ordered a size 8.5 width is E and i didn't specify a certain width when i ordered because i thought that would complicate things...i told them what size i wear in other shoes and how thick of socks i would be wearing with them and went with the size they suggested initially i told them what my foot measured with a brannock device (10.5) and i think they initially suggested either a 9.5 or 9 but i told them that i wear a 9...
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one ARW - did you send me the right number? You there? Thinking 5 would be a good time to meet up, if you see this. Right now my brain is a blur, and it has been, but I'm thinking about making another varsity jacket, I have come back around to square one. I want to incorporate the mix of stuff I've learned over the past 2 years into the new model. you may very well secure another purchase from me if...
Quote: Originally Posted by Vaio I want varsity. Has anyone ordered the anniversary jackets yet? i am curious to know how many anniversary jacket orders have been put through
just got an email with my tracking number...ordered the oiled brown anyone else get theres today? i'm on the east coast so i'm sure someone else on here will get there's before me to provide pics and whatnot
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Walked around the whole day in mine this past weekend, the boots are pretty comfortable and didn't need much breaking in. The topy was well worth the extra $15. However, I am not sure if I am alone in this but I'm not liking the leather laces that came with the boots, reminds me of the boat shoes laces which I also do not like, so I had to put a pair of extra black laces from my black Indys instead. i don't...
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou Chester Mox/Voodoo has been ripping off designs from MAKR Carry Goods for years. Word on the streets is that everything is made in China and drop shipped to the US. You couldn't pay me to use one of their products. This is MAKR's original card case design (Voodoo ripoff). As soon as MAKR came out with this design a couple months ago, Voodoo made this one. Exact copies. really? source?
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