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Measure w/ arms kept at your side I assume?
wondering the same thingassuming that's the case since he hasn't stated it's an option...i think when he first offered the varsity initially he used solid ribbing 'cause they were sturdier but offered striped at peoples requestfinally, the post i was waiting for and now i'm like this...not good timing w/ house/pet expenses for me but will consider purchasing onewish there were more lining options for the navy and burgandysafe to reference colors on old varsities for color...
hope you won that pair on ebay...almost wish i had bid on iti'm pretty sure 8.5 will suit me better though
here's an 8 1/2 month update on my bag I got from Scott (Unlucky) more pics on page 17 and 20 of the thread
anyone own the perfect shape cargo pants? trying to get a good idea of measurements for a pair with a 32 waist pics?...only found a few on google
wasn't there a poll to decide the jacket(s) for this years anniversary model??
still waiting for more details on the new varsity including color options conduct a poll?
new varsity looks good...interested to hear more details on it been setting some money aside for a new TOJ either for a MDR or the new varsity gonna stick w/ the MDR and hopefully the option for snap buttons on the varsity will be made later down the road
i have one that i use for work...the material is more breathable i wouldn't wear it for casual wear though
i think when i called to place my order it was him that i spoke toif i recall correctly he is from Harrisburg, PA which is close to where i live and he mentioned that they get leather from a place in Williamsport, PA which is where i'm originally fromthen again, it could have been someone else
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