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picked up my TOJ0 at the post office this morning was supposed to be delivered yesterday but they were so busy that they left a pink slip in the mail box and didn't even try to bring it to the door for a signature only other TOJ varsity i have tried on is the winter varsity this is not as substantial as i expected but i guess i just have to look at it as i can wear TOJ more months out of the year
^there was one last year...a sweater vest as well
Relief... Just received for tracking for navy/sand TOJ0 ordered June 18 Looks like I'll be receiving Friday
Anyone else waiting on a navy/sand TOJ0? Haven't seen many posts recently about people waiting for one Seems like a batch of black/black TOJ0's went out recently
Anyone know who is carrying the black selvedge chinos??
my favorite TOJ evo picfollowed by this one:
Tomorrow will be 18 weeks... I ordered a TOJ0 the same dayYes, I've been counting the weeks
anyone receive tracking or jacket of navy/sand TOJ0 recently? next weeks weather is making me anxious
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