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anyone check out the dry stretch stuff yet?? was ordering some clothes for work and did an impulse buy on the dry stretch sweat full zip jacket and the dry stretch sweatpants they are well reviewed on the site
^if he was buying something purely for warmth he wouldn't be asking on styleforum
old fit vs. new fit anyone worn the black chinos in the new fit? I just got a pair a size down from what i wear in the tan chinos and they still fit bigger but i don't know if i size down two sizes whether or not they'll be too tight in the waist my tan chinos had minimal stretching if any in the waist blue owl has measurements of both the old and new fit for the denim but they only have the old fit of the chinos at this point
I think there's been a couple if make ups of suede MDR's that turned out really well
It's a bit snug but I'm able to layer a hoody underneath...I'm wearing one in the pic I thought I could have gone with a 48 or 50...Charlie recommended the 48
picked up my TOJ0 at the post office this morning was supposed to be delivered yesterday but they were so busy that they left a pink slip in the mail box and didn't even try to bring it to the door for a signature only other TOJ varsity i have tried on is the winter varsity this is not as substantial as i expected but i guess i just have to look at it as i can wear TOJ more months out of the year
^there was one last year...a sweater vest as well
Relief... Just received for tracking for navy/sand TOJ0 ordered June 18 Looks like I'll be receiving Friday
Anyone else waiting on a navy/sand TOJ0? Haven't seen many posts recently about people waiting for one Seems like a batch of black/black TOJ0's went out recently
Anyone know who is carrying the black selvedge chinos??
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