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I received my black low sneakers Friday and was concerned some time after I ordered because. Saw some of the issues posted on here However mine seem to be perfectly fine and seem well worth what I paid...I just didn't want to pony up and pay the price for the all black low cp's and didn't see any good alternatives until Gustin started making sneakers
^i backed the first run of the black lows which said March 2016 They're apparently stuck in Paris last I checked so they may or may not arrive by end of month But probably would if unforeseen events hadn't occurred
just checked the status again: Production status: 3/24 update: Shoes stuck at CDG airport in Paris due to a strike:
i thought they were being mailed directly to customers from Italy...i've been checking my lower deck (a spot where UPS is notoriously leaves packages and then i forget about them after they've been rained on) nightly i suppose there will be tracking provided after sent out from Gustin...wonder if they do QC in Italy or when they arrive in the states
just checked the status of my order for the black lows: Production status: 3/23 update: Shoes got delayed a day shipping from Italy due to Brussels bombing. Should arrive to our fulfillment center tomorrow / Friday.
At least you have a solution 34" inseam is too short for me (or mr preference) and looking for 36" inseam can really cut down your options at times
Received my flannel shirt that was delivered to the wrong mailbox Got a medium slim fit and perhaps large slim fit or a standard medium would have been more appropriate If washed and dried what should I expect as far as shrinking?
recommendations for pre washed/pre distressed denim? must be 36" inseam
anyone ever have an order lost by the post office?? my first order was supposed to be delivered today and i did not receive however, according to the tracking information it was delivered, in/at mailbox
Backed itHave a couple of really heavy Ralph Lauren Rugby flannels that I love and had been looking at some of the recent Heavier Gustin flannels but didn't see any I was willing to bite the bullet on until I saw the grey/black flannel
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