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Thanks for the advice. I agree the placket is too wide. I'll see if they can make it narrower, though I don't see this as an option on the website. Regarding the cuffs, do people usually, or even only somtimes, get the shirt cut bigger on the watch side? And the armholes do feel too big---that's actually what I meant by saying that the chest felt too large Let's hope this can be fixed, too. Quote: Looks good for...
Quote: Originally Posted by ter1413 Ditch the pleated Dockers asap! Yes, that is part of the Plan---right after I move back to an actual *city*. I have no excuse for the shirt fitting badly though, hence the inquiry. Thanks.
Hello, I got my first MTM shirt this morning. It was made by ProperCloth, but I doubt they're responsible for lack of fit. Measures were probably all wrong, but I'd be glad to know what you think of its fit---especially given PC's "perfect fit" guarantee (i.e. they'll get it to fit for free if it doesn't already). (It's been washed twice) Thanks P.S. My preliminary opinion is that: the cuffs' circumference is too big, the sleeves are a bit too long and the...
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