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bump, price drop.
price drop
SOLD. They are a little bit too big for me . Uppers are in perfect condition, soles are a little worn (I bought them new but I wore them a few times). I'd send them with lasted shoe trees & shoe bags & original box of course. shipping should be around 20$ to US, and around 15$ to Canada. I'm afraid I don't know what lasts they are on. If someone knows send me a PM and I'll update the post. Vincent do MTM polos for USD$30. Be sure to not chose the default which has a fancy-T stiched in the top of the back. (in the `monogram' tab)
I think that's a good idea. Even if a DE or a straight becomes your favorite way to shave, a good electric razor is a great safety net for those times you're in a hurry. FWIW, I own a braun series 7 and quite like it.
Interested, would appreciate pictures. Thanks.
I do. Having a 3 years old daughter probably helps though, both for the early and eagerly aspect.
Saddleback offer a few wallets.
Quote: Originally Posted by ramuman Unpressed it looks like this: In my defense, I tried to iron it and was faced with a sick iron that left a big black mark on a side of the collar (it went away with some effort). So I screamed a little and took pictures without pressing it better. Given the length of the sleeves I think it would have looked a bit rumpled anyway. I may dare to attempt pressing with this iron again, and may also post...
Quote: Originally Posted by phxlawstudent Perhaps sending the photos to Seth along with a note about what you want to look like would give you good advice as to what to correct. I know what I want my shirts to look like, so tweaking measurements is pretty easy for me. But YMMV. Thanks. I definitely plan to send the pictures to Seth, along with "instructions". But yes, my mileage does vary, and the reason I'm asking here is to get a...
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