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Looks to be a "one piece" version of the samba like they did with the gazelle. which is a pretty good idea actually. if that is the case they may be available at an originals store if they get released.
Creative Recreation "Ponti"
The store is meh over all. I do however have a pair of sweatpaints from the first season that are awesome. super thick, warm, and a great slimmish fit. I get compliments on them all the time. Imagine that . compliments on sweatpants.
Im in need of a Slim fit solid black medium hoodie please someone pm me if you can help out.
its back up!
lurk lurk lurk all day long. martin lurker king.
sorry man but you look like a substitute teacher in that last pic. whats going to be most impressive is an aire of confidence, if you arent 100% sure about what your wearing you'll be thinking about that too much and not spending time/thought on the goal. dress in what you are comfortable in which is obviously not the t-shirt/tie/button look nor is it the no tie/tucked in look, otherwise you wouldnt have started this post. thank you, good night.
can you get these made up in black?
Am I the only one that wants to hear the details on the contest?
+1 on the uniqlo tees. you really cant go wrong with them.
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