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Yup...tasered dude. The question was actually answered before. Thanks! Quote: Originally Posted by drizzt3117 Which Italian guy are you talking about? The guy who got tasered?
You'll see from the pics on the shirts and everything else...I like to inflict a little bit more through the buttons that are used. In fact I have created shirts with replaceable buttons. Corporate one day, smart casual the next...same shirt...different buttons. 2 minute change
HA! Woman's clothing? How did you know OK joking everyone. As for the colour chart...nope. The buttons were custom dyed or hand picked to add another element to the garment. It adds a little more personality. What have you done with the buttons on your suit lately?
Christofuh: Get a hold of me. I'd like to discuss some things further in addition to what you do. Thanks - damon@alexandersteel.com
By the way... I used to live in Boston. Brookline. Loved Newberry St. D [quote=Christofuh]And speaking of
I'll take one of those Sir
Thank you for your comments. The look was put together to emphasize class and uniqueness. When Matt is interviewed, he is always asked about his style. We were looking to create a look that reflected his Brand...meaning music and everything else. The suits are consistent and I'll look at doing different things next time with a one button SB and side vents. I must say that I take the tie and puff being pimpish a compliment. There was a statement to make and it...
It was real Scotch. Lagavulin 18yr € Quote: Originally Posted by rabbimark I don't think the excess works in person, or, truth be told, in these pictures. On stage, sure. The big-ness and over-the-top is good, and as a couple of posts here noted, maybe even a bit classic and restrained for the stage. The one with him holding a glass of ice tea (you mean you really used scotch for the shoot?) is the best, probably because the focus is such that...
Thank you. The pink buttons in fact do really work. Better up close.
Thank you "Jason"
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