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not just your phone on my computer and thats what i'm getting to, just as curious as you lolthanks in advance.
Wow thanks all for the quick responses. I am leaning towards the APC's, after hearing about this trade in policy! Just a couple of more questions 1. How long is this trade in policy 2.Thing i hated about most of the cheaper uniqlo jeans was once they were washed they were done, how does raw denim / salvage hold up against washing machines? 3. Any retailers in NYC that carry allll the 3sixteen / NF jeans in store? i saw barneys carried some naked jeans but not...
After 1.5 years of the same uniqlo jeans [32x32 slim straights], i'd say its about time to upgrade.. I usually wear slim straight but am tempted to do some slim tapered.I'll be going tucked in Sport shirts, and Sports jackets a lot this year. These will be my first Raw denim purchases always went for the budget jeans in uniqlo. I'd like to try something new like 3sixteen or APC, is the extra 120$ worth it in comparison to uniqlo raw denims? Also if there is another brand i...
Interested in Neumora : Brown Burnished Calf Neumok: Navy Leather, Red Leather Strand: Walnut All size 10.5, curious on pricing for now. not ready to buy yet!!
Interested in Dalton Walnut Calf, Chocolate Brown Calf And Ashbury Tan these will be my first purchase of allen edmonds boots [wide feet sz 10.5 in clark desertboots] so pricing and sizing info would be appreciated whenever you can send the pm!
Just like the title says looking for some BOW ties, Oxfords And sweaters mostly Cardigans or A shawl pull over but im open to other things Size XS-SMALL
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