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Email them?
Can anyone tell me if bears on rakuten takes tax off when purchasing their jeans? I don't seem to understand what they are trying to say coz the English interpretation is unclear at best.
They look fake IMO. Fabric looks weird and thicker than the organic denim theyre supposed to have. Proportions also look a bit off. Please don't support counterfit items.
Guy is wearing them super loose lol. DON'T BUY THESE. See too many of them in Sydney.
Quote: Originally Posted by mikecch Thanks pronxs. My design in 15 oz leather is $80 shipped to Australia (but I had it shipped with my mail-bag). I think for his regular 13 oz belt without the custom-shaped tip, it's closer to $60. Best to drop Scott a line - wonderful man to deal with, very polite and punctual Mmm, I'm actually working on a modified design of my Unlucky belt...will probably ask him to make it for me next year. Wish...
Quote: Originally Posted by Luke555 Actually cheap shoes look exactly as branded shoes when new. And i would rather go with cheaper shoes buying new pair every 6 month and enjoying new look rather than invest $100-200+ in shoes that get older over years anyhow they get scratches etc and don't look as good you just wear them because you cant afford throw them away. But my choice is to have non slippery soles so i don't buy cheap shoes no more. I think...
Any pics of the shirt tucked in?
Suits look quite slim. I've also noticed that his shirts are quite nice. He sometimes wears french cuffs and his shirts have hand stitched shoulders.
Quote: While the hardcore denim heads might scoff at the technology, they'll never know. Because your jeans will have that perfectly placed wallet outline, just like theirs. LOL
What's the consensus on wearing these in the heat?
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