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dude needs longer arms and he needs to snap down his collar. the rest looks perfect
lol you guys must be insane to go outside with your suede jackets
this thread has been delivering A+ during the last 48 hours. thanks drew for the insight. it is much appreciated
the tracking number in my inbox makes me very happy
my h&m tees don't do this. a size m fits me perfectly at 6ft2 but i never tumble dry them. i think it goes without saying that the quality is very poor and the neckline hem is just flabby as fuck after a couple of washes, which is kinda sad :\
how do you walk up stairs with your pants where they are
i dowlnoaded and read men's fudge - very interesting as it's basically a catalog of clothes with some styling thrown in
i just wanna add that notwithit is posing for a camera and is lacking anything remotely associated with "swag" he doesn't look bad or uncomfortable in his clothes. his second fit looks better than the first, but he definately doesn't have swag.
happy birthday and merry christmas drew!
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