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Tan McTavish today...
PS someone a few pages back posted their walnut McAllister with dark denim - awesome look. Can't go wrong with nearly any wingtip, with denim. J. Edit: I think it was Burzan
I wear the walnut grain MacNeil with dark denim a lot, also the McTavish in both cognac and natural tan. Dark brown Clark St also I've tried and for something a bit nicer, I'll wear my dark brown Mora 2.0. Also an older merlot AE blucher I have (can't remember the name). Lots of choices for you in AE's lineup....J
If it's the newer burnished/Bobs Chili, I'd go with that. That's just me. J
I've used dark brown with good results, just keep in mind that it will darken them a bit over time. J
If memory serves, Bourbon is Walnut burnished either Black. You could carefully try polishing that area with black, or perhaps dark brown. J
I own both the walnut grain MacNeil and cognac McTavish, and I give the slight edge to the McT. Love that shoe. Own it in cognac and natural tan. J
'Filthy barnweasels", my new favorite expression - well done!!! J
Well said. I'm always surprised that the MacNeil doesn't get more love here; I have Walnut Grain myself and though I have 10 other pairs of AE, they remain one of my favorites. That said, I do find myself wearing them with denim far more than with dress slacks or khakis. That double sole just goes well with jeans..... J
Went with my normal 5 last size, but found there was a lot of room overall, more than I'd expected. Solved it with insoles and usually wear thicker, non-dress socks. Also had a extra hole put in each strap. J
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