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I'd go with the Rush. (Also a great band!). J
New Addison (seconds), love 'em!
Hey guys, Im not a fan of waterproofing spray, but just bought a pair of Addison loafer (seconds), and this is suggested, for care. Any reason I cant use a light coat of conditioner cleaner. John
Thanks for posting these, I have a pair on the way. Great to see some 'in the wild' shots! J
Walnut Strands with navy chinos today
Wingtip Wednesday? McTavish in Cognac
Actually I think they were indeed released, as a webgem. Morgan, I think? J
Walnut Strands (polished with dark brown over the years) for Friday
Hey @blaster did you get a chance to meet Paul G at the Bellevue Sq store today? J
I think you both must be speaking of Meltonian cream. 'Melatonin' can help you sleep, but is probably unhelpful for shoes, lol. J
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