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In my experience, go with the Med. J
New (to me) Neumoks in Snuff, via eBay, first wear. J
Another vote here for Merlot McAllisters, GREAT shoe. J
+1. I got a nice burgundy Trafalgar dress belt at Nordstrom awhile back, love it. Likely it's on sale right now too. J
2 or 3
Brand new McTavish seconds have arrived, love the look. Will get their first wear tomorrow. Too bad they discontinued these....J
Just used Kiwi black wax (tin), but very very little. Let it dry 5-10 min only, then brushed. J
This probably isn't what you're looking for, but here are my Strands, w/o flash and with. About 3 yrs old. Felt they were two light, so have polished almost exclusively with dark brown, either AE cream, or Kiwi wax, since I bought them. Recently I very lightly burnished the toes with just a bit of bIack. I like the way they've turned out so far...
....and this remote control...and this paddle game (shameless Steve Martin reference). J
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