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Another strong vote for Dark Chili. J
Tan McT all the way. Absolutely awesome shoe, love mine. J
Mine haven't turned out as well as some others I've seen , but I've still been quite pleased with mine. I used, at various times, dark brown AE cream (tube) polish, and Kiwi dark brown wax polish. (Photo w/o flash) J
Where did you get the catalog? Is it viewable online?
And continuing the DDay theme, a shoe called the Overlord... J
McAllister in dark chili, gorgeous. I love mine. J
I highly recommend the McTavish for this purpose, or MacNeil, the latter pref in burgundy shell. There are many great choices, J
They look good me me, and I'm pretty sure they're also eligible for recraft. I've done it myself, with an ebay-bought pair, J
For $35 I'd do it...
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