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worst hangover ever: Bourbon, Merlot, and Chili! J
+1 for Bourbon
For the McT, the Cognac would be more versatile, IMO. J
Cognac and Natural Tan, both are great. J
Strongly suggest one of the McTavishes. I have 11 pairs of AE now, and they are easily my current favorites. See below, top row, second and third from right
I see your RL and raise you a Neumok
My updated AE family pic Top: Byron (merlot), Strand (Walnut), Neumok (Snuff), McTavish (Cognac), McTavish (Tan), Mora 2.0 (brown) Bottom: Stewart (blue), Strand (brown), McClain (black), MacNeil (walnut grain), Park Avenue (black)
In my experience, go with the Med. J
New (to me) Neumoks in Snuff, via eBay, first wear. J
Another vote here for Merlot McAllisters, GREAT shoe. J
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