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From my own personal experience, I'd look at the MacNeil/MacNeil 5, McAllister, McTavish and other similar models. Showing my bias toward wingtips, but they go so well with jeans/khakis, why mess with a classic look? J
Indeed a fantastic choice, I picked up these exact shoes about 2 months ago, as well as the same pair in Natural Tan. Love them! Wear them with pride. J
I agree K, my merlot McA's were also quite dark , and I felt it took away from the character of the shoe a bit.... J
Hi guys, I have a 'cleaning' question: is there a moistened wipe that exists, to quickly clean dirt/dust of the sides of the heel, prior to applying edge dressing? Or just for a quick swipe to clean this area, period? I find I accumulate a lot of dirt here, esp as I drive a standard. Thoughts? TIA J
worst hangover ever: Bourbon, Merlot, and Chili! J
+1 for Bourbon
For the McT, the Cognac would be more versatile, IMO. J
Cognac and Natural Tan, both are great. J
Strongly suggest one of the McTavishes. I have 11 pairs of AE now, and they are easily my current favorites. See below, top row, second and third from right
I see your RL and raise you a Neumok
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