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Wingtip Wednesday? McTavish in Cognac
Actually I think they were indeed released, as a webgem. Morgan, I think? J
Walnut Strands (polished with dark brown over the years) for Friday
Hey @blaster did you get a chance to meet Paul G at the Bellevue Sq store today? J
I think you both must be speaking of Meltonian cream. 'Melatonin' can help you sleep, but is probably unhelpful for shoes, lol. J
Try polishing (it'll take time though) with dark brown with the occasional bit of black thrown in. That's what I did to my Walnut Strands from a few pages back. J
Walnut Strands polished with dark brown over the years. J
Just wax polish then brush brush brush! J
Discontinued Thursday? (Guess that's not really a thing....). AE Byron in merlot
At the AE store in Bellevue, WA yesterday, tried on the Addison and suede Dundee, both super comfortable! May have to order the former, really liked the look with denim. Shout out to the mgr April, she is awesome. J
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