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Just ordered myself a pair of McAllister firsts from the sale. Your pics make me so glad I chose Dark Chili! J
Both would work, and look great. Merlot is perhaps a little more traditional, of the two. Hope that helps? J
I say Yes
Yes Merlot is flexible, I'm wearing some older AE (can't remember name, I got them via ebay) Merlot wingtips today with light tan khakis. J
Merlot or Brown. Btw, Merlot is more versatile than you may think. J
Black McClain today
Tan McTavish today...
PS someone a few pages back posted their walnut McAllister with dark denim - awesome look. Can't go wrong with nearly any wingtip, with denim. J. Edit: I think it was Burzan
I wear the walnut grain MacNeil with dark denim a lot, also the McTavish in both cognac and natural tan. Dark brown Clark St also I've tried and for something a bit nicer, I'll wear my dark brown Mora 2.0. Also an older merlot AE blucher I have (can't remember the name). Lots of choices for you in AE's lineup....J
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