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Totally agree, that's no worse than what you'll probably do them yourself in a week. Enjoy!!!!!! J
I have that shoe in the brown, love it. J
Gentlemen...and fellow weasels, not sure if this has been mentioned lately, but this forum has been a real pleasure -- a real pleasant read -- of late. Not sure if it coincided with the move to the newer '2016' AE thread, but there seems lately to be less snark, and more real appreciation. Lots of amazing pics too! I don't post a ton, but I read this specific thread at least twice daily, to stay caught up, and it never disappoints... Keep up the great posts guys, we've...
Cognac McT today, at the coffee shop. Love these! J
Hey NB, I recently bought the saddle (brown) ones, and find them very versatile with denim, khakis. Highly recommend the brown, you'll love them. J
The latter I would think. Def not grain. J
New Oak Streets at the office today
While not as many as some, I've purchased a few new pairs in 2016. Here are the 4 thus far, for anyone interested in IRL pics of these styles. (that said, photo not that good!) Clockwise from top left: Franciscan (dk chili), Oak Street (dk brown), Strandmok 2.0 (brown suede), Addison (brown). J
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