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New Bellevue WA store part 2
New AE store in Bellevue, WA
Made a pilgrimage today to the new AE store in Bellevue WA, near Seattle. Great store, and I spent nearly an hour chatting with the mgr Morgan, terrific lady. Took about 10 pics, though only thing up close was First Ave I think. Let me know if anyone would like me to post them. J
Agreed. I've seen it pulled off, but I personally don't like that much contrast, nor do I like the difference in formality. J
lol good points, though remember the 'rules' can be a little rigid at times. And those of us on this thread represent far less than 1% of the folks out there. As the earlier post said, even balmorals with (dark) jeans would look better than nearly anything else you see guys pair with their jeans.... J
Not McAllisters, but they are walnut
It is an awesome look, and I can highly recommend wingtips in general, I wear them nearly everything. Will see if I have any pics. J
Walnut Friday?
New Walnut McGregors with dark denim today
New McGregor firsts just arrived from sale...
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