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+1. Just got some dark chili McA's and wow....awesome. J
Nice! Glad you're enjoying them Itza! J
Lets hope so! We get our Nordstrom here in Vancouver in Sept, I think. J
I count myself very fortunate to live in the Greater Vancouver area, I'm only 20 min north of the border. When I purchase nearly anything from the US (ebay, Amazon, AE, Shoebank), I have the order shipped to Blaine, WA. $5 to pick up, and I've only ever been charged taxes once on the return trip, and that was for a $300 pair of headphones I was picking up that my son ordered..... J
Bobs/Dark Burnished Chili is awesome, my new McAllisters have arrived (firsts, from sale) Sorry for crappy pic
Another vote here for McTavish, I wear mine with slim chinos, denim mainly -awesome look. I have the Natural Tan and the Cognac. J
Just ordered myself a pair of McAllister firsts from the sale. Your pics make me so glad I chose Dark Chili! J
Both would work, and look great. Merlot is perhaps a little more traditional, of the two. Hope that helps? J
I say Yes
Yes Merlot is flexible, I'm wearing some older AE (can't remember name, I got them via ebay) Merlot wingtips today with light tan khakis. J
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