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Asked my wife - she think shoulders are fine, but chest is tight. I like close fitting shirts, does this one look too tight? [/ATTACHMENT]
Dear all, I bought John Smedley Ives polo shirt from internet recently. It has different design from usual polos - it strongly tapers in shoulders after arm pits - the shoulder seam is going at about 45 degrees. So, I am confused - is it small for me or it is not for my body type? I looked at photos on John Smedley on internet - some polo shirts have similar location of shoulders, some not, but again models could wear wrong size, it does happen. What do you think - does...
No idea, sorry. I did not ask for anything different from standard shirts, but Patrick took many measurements, particularly of my shoulders.Yes, it was done during one of their tours - I don't trust my own measurements .
Hi all, I need advice for a business suit. I think I will order it from W.W. Chan – price is high, but I can pay $1500-$2000 for a suit and I like the quality. Because it is a business suit, I will want it solid navy blue or navy blue with thin black pin stripes. I try to keep my wardrobe to the minimum, therefore it will be one of three suits in rotation and used 1-2 times weekly. Now I have questions: 1. How to select good durable fabric? I definitely want 100% wool,...
Washing shirts damages shirts, therefore I try wearing shirts twice before washing. However, some cities such as London and Moscow are highly polluted that I wear shirts only once before washing. I also find that French cuffs are easier to make dirty than barrel cuffs.
Dear Forum Members, I recently received couple of shirts from W.W. Chan. Quality is great, but it seems to me that right shoulder on both shirts looks wrong size for me. Could you tell me if it is only my imagination or it is true? I have not washed shirts yet, but W.W.Chan prewashes fabric, so I don't expect any shrinking. Thank you.
I have Papworth briefcase which I bought about 8 years ago when it was way cheaper than now. It definitely got better with time. However, I find it now quite heavy. If I was buying a bag now, I would most likely go special order.
I work in London and want to get myself non-iron shirts. I don’t want to pay over £50 per shirt and therefore have more or less two options – go MTM with Ravis Tailors (they should be soon in the UK on tour) or buy CT shirts (it fits be best among RTW non-iron shirt makers on Jermyn Street) and adjust them in waist. I thought to buy MTM non-iron shirts from Eton, but they will cost over £100 and I think it is way over the top. Which option do you think is the best? I see...
I was preparing for a trip when I realised my problem: when my trips are longer than 3-4 weeks, most of my shirts need to be universal and work as business formal, business casual or smart casual as required. Since I find it boring to use business formal shirts outside working hours, I wonder how to push smart casual shirts to business formal/business casual level. Perhaps solid colour shirts with small logos of “sport pedigree” brands such as Lacoste or Ralph Lauren Polo...
Yes, I'm in between sizes. Theis is the only pair of jeans I have, would you recommend wearing it with darker trousers?Thanks
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