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Same, that code sounds dope and I'll throw you a few $ in PayPal money for a working code. I need some wedding shoes! Ha.
Love the combo. What jeans you rocking?
I'm still itching for those Chelsea Boots... so close to buying Common Projects but I know the wait will be worth it.
Cool - that is super helpful. And makes so much sense.
Started about 7 weeks ago. I've been following their guidelines perfectly and in general have had pretty linear growth. I up weights 5lbs per lift (lifting 3x a week). I've just followed the program and haven't felt like I hit a wall until yesterday, squats just zapped all of the energy and power from me. Felt unbelievably exhausted mentally after that last set and just didn't bring it mentally for the rest of my lifts like I normally do.So just power through?
Back to my 5x5 progress, doing well overall, last week I absolutely killed it, but this Monday and then today just felt... sluggish? I've been eating well, resting well, etc. Don't know what's up but just haven't been there this week. I switched up my pre-workout, but that really should not matter, right? After squats it just zaps all of my energy for the rest of the workout. Any help powering through is helpful.
All white GAT, sz 11. Super stoked on these, had an old pair of MMMs that I loved and lasted about 5 years before they got too funky and I had to trash them.
Just checked the link to the sample sale again, and to my surprise?! The exact sneaker I've been lusting at for a month, on sale, for $100 in my size? :D:D:D:D
Got my fiancee some surprise sneakers. $75 is too good. Secretly hoping any white or black 10.5 / 11 sneakers pop up, ha.
Wow - trainers for $100 makes me wish I drove into BK today.
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