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I'm still salty over my APPL purchase last year.
I'm happy with the price, but they did raise the MSRP to $400+ which is crazy. I also got the CP chelsea's for $250 through a friends employee discount elsewhere (can't share that, sorry). Combined with white Epaulet GATs for $100 from their Brooklyn closing sale, I've got three pairs of super high quality shoes for $630. Retail on them all combined would have been $1,146. I'm not mad at all.
When are those suede hats dropping? Want so bad.
Just got achilles for $280. Great deal.
I'm debating picking up a pair of the Petite New Standards that stretch. Does anyone here have em? How's the sizing and do they fade as well (or at all) compared to normal? Hard to fit normal jeans now that I'm squatting.
Picked up some chelseas, and they're a TINY bit big, but I have wide feet, and got them for a steal, so I'm keeping. What insoles are recommended for that? Also, anyone recommend a good suede protector? Apologies if this was already covered.
So who's gotten into sardines? I found this local middle eastern store near me that sells this tin of them that's about 175cals, but with 30g protein per can. Insane shit. They're soaked in spicy oil, too, and not fishy at all. PM for a proxy.
Still drooling.
Same, that code sounds dope and I'll throw you a few $ in PayPal money for a working code. I need some wedding shoes! Ha.
Love the combo. What jeans you rocking?
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