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Sorry, haven't had time to creep the thread, but have the Couro Chromo trainers shipped yet?
looking for a toj bomber in 48 or 50
Sorry if it's already been said, but any luck on a restock of the tennis shoes? I slept on them, but really wanted a black / gum.
Sold, thanks guys
TRADED - GONE - NO LONGER HAVE THIS, KTHNKZ I have an Omega Speedmaster Pro 3572.50 for sale. It's the best Speedy Pro in my opinion with the beautiful hesalite domed front crystal, but with the sapphire back crystal to see the 1861 movement inside. It has the rarer "T" tritium dial that has evenly faded markers and hands. Very beautiful in the flesh, please excuse any dust, dirt, or fingerprints in the photos. Condition wise, it's a very conservative 8.5/10. In the...
I bought the Sigur Ros InnĂ­ vinyl recently on eBay brand new and it's pretty rare. I love that album on Spotify, but playing it on my MMF5.2 and it sounds static-y / like shit. I tried brushing it to no avail. Other albums sound fantastic on my system. Is the vinyl faulty or does it need to be cleaned or brushed more vigorously?
You guys see the teaser images of the new Omega sm300 reissue? Looks amazing. http://instagram.com/p/lz1Ps7Qb6B/ http://instagram.com/p/lxKMjPwb-s/ And an artists interpretation of what it could look like when announced next week at Basel. Thoughts? Ideas on pricing? I will absolutely pick one up if it's 42mm or less, and not super thick. Looks beautiful!
I'm really wanting to pick up a Nomos Orion... And that picture set me over the edge. Does Nomos tend discount at all at AD's? Does it depend on where I go?
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