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That jacket looks great on you. After shooting the product the leather on that specific sample was my favorite and photographed the best because of it's less reflective, pebbled nature.
All I got for now, but more soon.
Few more weeks most likely. Editing product images is pretty involved. However, the Chesterfield is great. In fact, all of their product is.
We just shot product on flat for Charly, should be a little while before they're fully ready for the web. We're shooting a small lookbook this weekend, too. Lots of cool-ish coming soon.
Yeah, we're going way more classic SF vibe-y in the new shoot, and we'll make sure our model fits the sample sizes perfectly.
I may or may not ever speak to Charly again... Jkjk can't wait to share our shoot in a few weeks.
Hi Charly.
I'm still salty over my APPL purchase last year.
I'm happy with the price, but they did raise the MSRP to $400+ which is crazy. I also got the CP chelsea's for $250 through a friends employee discount elsewhere (can't share that, sorry). Combined with white Epaulet GATs for $100 from their Brooklyn closing sale, I've got three pairs of super high quality shoes for $630. Retail on them all combined would have been $1,146. I'm not mad at all.
When are those suede hats dropping? Want so bad.
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