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I used Racetech, I think .90. The gold cartrage emulators. Honestly though, it was worth it on the bike, but even more worth it to just get a different bike.
I got intimidators on my old Bonnie and it made a HUGE difference. Do it.
I have an Arai Signet-Q (long oval head), and it's AWESOME. I had a Bell Bullitt before on my Bonnie, and the Bell is garbage in comparison. Arai makes great helmets. I've worn it for 8+ hours, super comfortable, quiet, tons of airflow, etc.
New tires on the str are amazing. So much more grip it seems. Loving them. Advise needed. Looking for two peice leathers that are versatile and still semi stylish. Any good recs and pics? I have a friend who works at revzilla so I'll be buying there. Don't mind mismatched brands. Thanks!
Getting new rubber put on as we speak. Got some Pilot Power 3's. Gonna hit some twisties today and will report back.
Apparently he was fine from the ride, which is mind-boggling. Having ridden the beast, the vibrations in the bars are the only uncomfortable part about the bike. That, and it was far too tall for me. It's pretty much a VERY fast dirtbike for the road.
Yeah, I moded my Bonnie for looks, but that was about it. I missed it for a day but I'm so glad I've moved on. An 800cc Street would be awesome...SuperDuke was insane. SO buzzy, though. My friend rode it across the country a little while back, too.
I think you missed the part about bad area code in Killadelphia... haha.
Dropping the sprocket doesn't change much realistically on the Bonnie, I've ridden a friends Thruxton with a 17t, and a friends Bonnie with a 17t + big bore kit and airbox removal. It's still an engine that sort of dies above 4k, still 500lbs, etc, etc. I pay $70/month for full insurance with Dairyland on a 2013 STR in a not so great (insurance wise) area code in Philadelphia. It's honestly pretty fun and even without the fairings it handles fine on the highway. The...
Bonneville was my first bike, so I was sad to see it go. I had both the Bonnie and Street for a little while, but just didn't have the space to keep them both.The Bonneville awesome. Comfortable (with new suspension), torque-y at the low end, and looked badass. It was just heavy, slow, and became a little boring to me over time. I found myself wanting a lighter, more nimble, faster bike so looked at the Street R's. Anytime I rode the Bonnie in a spirited manner, I always...
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