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In my experience, that look works best with slim fit shirts and sweaters. Else, there is so much pillowing, and it makes it look weird. Also maybe button-down shirts and no wide spread collar. Make sure the collar stays below the sweater if you want to avoid the 70ies look...
The short answer: collar gaps are tricky. The longer answer:
I'd go either for a remake or a refund. Did you measure yourself? Some of those measurements must have been off and I agree you didn't make the best choices when it came to the customisation options... sorry to be harsh. Maybe also worth to send some of these images or a link to this thread to Indochino so they might be able to assist you with fit issues.
Hey guys, haven't been here for a while. How's the thread doing ? If anyone here still cares, Indochino has a number of sales right now!
They are still going strong, but it seems to have become rather silent on online sphere about them. Don't really know why - just not a fresh topic anymore.
Hey, haven't checked back here in a while, sorry! They have changed quite a bit, I'd say. Remember when they used to have those monthly, special collections? Big, themed collections. That was fun, I thought - and really interesting. Not that they were always good, but they were special. Now it's like they are every other established company. Professional, always trying to optimise and in my opinion selling good product. But they are not that interesting or special anymore,...
Good old Indochino thread! Just got a new suit from them, gotta put up some photos. Pretty impressed by the fabric and the feeling of it - seems they improved quality quite a bit... Of course, Black Friday sale is now on. A lot of good deals, but be careful - they had added some older suits just before the sale and those are the really heavily discounted ones now.
Yeah, seems like the discussion just moved somewhere else - or maybe there is just not much left to discuss, the kind of buzz around Indochino seems to have died down. They are still growing tremendously, I think it's what ultramantaro said, the "indy" appeal is gone. Maybe also their customers now are not people that would discuss on Styleforum?
Interesting to see how this thread basically died. What are you guys buying these days - Black Lapel, Dragon Inside, InStitchu?
I think like many new companies in the MTM industry they have a lot to learn yet, but they are improving quickly. I got a suit from Dragon Inside just a few weeks ago and I have to say the quality is absolutely on par with e.g. Indochino or Black Lapel.
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