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What timing. I just popped into the thread to say that my Pink and PYG squares arrived today (absolutely top notch) and, lo and behold, gshen has just dropped some new additions. Quality work and super friendly. A hearty recommendation!
Just used Badseeds for a US proxy to Europe. Great transaction. Nice and helpful, and very quick shipment. Will definitely use again.
Looking for a US-based proxy for an item from RL Rugby, to ship to Finland. Will pay all shipping and your standard proxy commission. Please PM me.
Hey all, I'm pretty new here and trying to put together something for my brother's wedding in Hawaii this September. Dress is 'informal but stylish'. I was thinking of putting together a light grey stripe blazer, similar to the one below (bit thinner stripes on mine), with a pair of khakis and a white linen shirt. My #2 reason for going to Hawaii is to pick up a pair of Alden shell #8 NSTs. Question: Is the burgundy shell too dark for such a light blazer and...
Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa why, you mudafugga!!! Yeah, I have one I took from my dad to store my stuff. Yep. My dad's got one too, that I've already earmarked for stealing on my next visit. Horsehair brushes and all!
From what I understand, garment bags are currently a bit out of favour to a good suitcase, which with proper packing techniques can accommodate a suit just as well as a garment bag in any case. I saw an MCM bag in this video which looks like the ultimate combination of suitcase and garment bag. The garment bag wraps around and attaches to the suitcase, so the jackets don't get a sharp crease. I haven't seen it available anywhere, but haven't really tried that hard.
I just received the April 2010 issue, and the ad says (twice) 'On Sale Now'... Available at ''... yet that webpage still shows the Fall 2009 BBB. I know it's not easy to coordinate print and distribution schedules, but 'Available Now' should still mean 'Available Now'.
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