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Yay, haven't seen an announcement anywhere, but StyleForum now supports Tapatalk!
List of Tricker's Retail Collaborators? Has anyone collected a list of retailers who do collabs with Tricker's? I keep finding new ones in this thread and elsewhere. It may be handy to others to maintain such a list, as some might find that their dream custom order is already available. To start: The Shoe Healer Pediwear The Bureau Leather Soul Present Nitty Gritty Super Denim Norse Projects My-Wardrobe ASOS Challenger?
1x 12 1x 18 1x 22 1x 25 1x 27 1x 28 1x 29 1x 30 1x 31 1x 32 1x 33 1x 34 12 pair x $1.75 + 5 =$26 Sending payment
Quote: Originally Posted by bbhewee Yup. I did pretty much these, but with a red lining. I'd probably do a Dainite sole in hindsight, but still really happy with them. Enjoy them, they're my favorite casual black brogues (I still have trouble with all black shoes in a casual setting for some reason, even all black sneakers). Aha! These must be yours that I was swooning over then? Well done,...
Quote: Originally Posted by bbhewee They are all indeed on the same last for the run of the mill ones... That being said, I've seen some on different lasts for stores SMUs. And I do feel my black MC Bourtons hold together better than my standard Marron Antique ones. Don't have anything in Scotch Grain so wouldn't be able to comment. Be aware that MC doesn't take a shine at all and remains quite dull. Works well with black imho, but I don't know about...
A couple questions on Trickers: Am I right in assuming the Bourton, Keswick, and Ilkley are all actually the same pattern, with the names just being used to describe different colourways, leather types and sole styles? If going MTO, is the waxy/waxed 'MC' calf a bit more durable/water resistant than the box calf? I'd like a good all-weather shoe, but maybe not as gritty looking as the zug or scotch pebbled leather. Cheers in advance!
Concerning the identity of Nucky's spectator shoes from the opening credits, could these be possible suspects? http://www.eu.forzieri.com/usa/produ...ore5=&search=1
Quote: Originally Posted by LeatherSOUL H, Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately unlike other Alden retailers, we have very strict restrictions placed on us. So, although it is difficult and frustrating, our blog style website is the only way for us to promote our shoes. Regardless, rebel is right, our main business is our walk-ins. We have a pretty darn good following here in Hawaii. Our mail order business is great, but we are a true brick and...
Quote: Originally Posted by HorseHide Call Steven at Leffot and ask him - you won't find a nicer guy and he'll be more than willing to discuss his shoes. Sensible plan. Will do, thanks!
To revive the natural chromexcel discussion... I'm considering going for Leffot's natural longwings (http://blog.leffot.com/reserve-orders/). One thing I can't quite figure out is why the Indy and PTB leather looks quite smooth and buttery (http://blog.leffot.com/wp-content/up.../DSC_0050.jpg), but the longwing appears rather rough (http://blog.leffot.com/wp-content/up...7/DSC_0033.jpg) in the photos. Can Jason or someone else who has seen these in person comment? Are...
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