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Quote: Originally Posted by Hot Dog Day #49 i want a pair of tricker's, i'm thinking these are pretty sweet. red dainite sole etc. or these: what do you guys think? I love love the Leather Soul 1001 Burnished on Red Dainite. If I was in US I would have definitely jumped on these. But the Acorn ones from Pediwear are almost just as nice. Free shipping and not having to worry about customs fees swings it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wes Bourne Hot damn, just perfect. It's great to see Pediwear raising their game. Naturally, we're all fans of Richard the Shoehealer here, but nice to get some top class make-ups from other retailers as well at non-MTO price. I went with the Acorn Bourton's on Dainite from this drop, but there are so many solid options here. Anyone notice the Acorn Monkey Boot ("Sunningdale"), also on Dainite?
Quote: Originally Posted by zippyh Nice!They have Acorn Bourtons natural welt too.Also seem to have just got these.[ [[SPOILER]] And the new Waxy Stow would be a great fall boot. Choices, choices...
Quote: Originally Posted by zippyh Nice! They have Acorn Bourtons natural welt too. Also seem to have just got these. [ [[SPOILER]] Wow, thanks for spotting that Zippy! Actually, my first choice would have been Bourton rather than Stow, so I'm getting in touch with them this morning to swap my order. StyleForum saves the day again!
Had put in a request for the Acorn Stow with Dainite sole from Pediwear. They just contacted me to let me know that this batch came with brass eyelets and natural welt. Superb improvement!
Quote: Originally Posted by rkusmant MTO starts at GBP 380+VAT Regular price GBP 325 with VAT or GBP 270 no VAT I asked Richard and he'll allow group pricing for regular price if we have 6 ppl, just post your design and see if anyone will join. I'm very tempted to join the Coffee Eaton group MTO buy, but have had the following make-up in mind for a while. If other's are interested, and if cool with rkusmant, perhaps we could set up a group...
Quote: Originally Posted by zippyh Pediwear had some navy Bourtons on a dainite sole a little while ago. [[SPOILER]] Daaaaaaammmn... those are almost exactly what I had in mind, except with a red instead of black sole (and red calf lining). Pity I missed them, it would have been a fair bit cheaper than MTO. Thanks for posting
Quote: Originally Posted by shoreman1782 Looks like a navy Bourton. Yep - only a tad disappointed. We've seen a pretty similar makeup already from Where are all the Dainite soles? It's all either Vibram, commando or... crepe, these days. Anyhoo.... guess I still save up for a MTO from Shoe Healer.
Looks like Tres Bien shop is getting a set of new Trickers collabs tomorrow. The first glimpse looks like a Copper Repello Suede Bourton on a commando sole. Quite nice, can't wait to see what else they've come up with. Tricker's fo' Tres Bien Shop
I was quite happy with mine from Time Factors, which is UK-based.
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